DreamHost Promo Code 2017

Let’s get straight to the coupons. Here are the most working coupon codes.

$50 off Promo Code

As I said earlier, you will save maximum of $50 on your DreamHost hosting purchase. Use this code and you will get the full one year of shared hosting for just $69.40 instead of $119.40. If you break it in monthly expense then you will see that DreamHost shared hosting service costs $5.78 per month after saving. This code never expires. You will get full features of shared hosting plan including one free domain name registration. You also get the unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited FTP and unlimited MySQL databases.

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$25 Off Coupon Code

This code works same as the above code. You will get the full features of DreamHost hosting even if you use this code. The difference is that you will only save $25 using this promo code. Click on the code to view the coupon. I would suggest you to try the above code first. If the above code doesn’t work then you can try this coupon.

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DreamHost $50 off

I have created this website to offer you latest, working and maximum discount coupon codes for DreamHost hosting company. You will also find DreamHost review and tutorials on how to manage DreamHost account.

If you want to subscribe for the DreamHost server then you must take the advantage of using coupon code. By using the promo code, you will get $50 discount. DreamHost offers the maximum of $50 discount on its shared hosting plans. So your search for getting more discount ends here. Just follow the guideline and you will save $50 on your purchase.

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Where To Enter The DreamHost Promo Code?

If you want to use the coupon code and get discount then you may not be able to get the discount. Sounds confusing? What I am saying is that you will not find coupon code text field at the time of signup where you can enter the discount code and get discount. Then how to get discount? Well, you need to visit the offer page first and then start the sign up procedure from there.

Visit the following page to know more about the sign up procedure which gives you $50 discount.

Learn How to Sign up with DreamHost and make a website.

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Maximum Discount at DreamHost

I have been saying this from the starting of this article that you can get maximum of $50 discount on DreamHost shared service. Frequently, I get a query regarding this. So I thought, let me make a separate section for that.

DreamHost used to offer $97 discount but it is no more offering that discount. DreamHost capped the discount to $50 long time ago. If you search on the internet then you may find some old article which says that you will get $97 discount. Well, you can try it. I am damn sure that it’s not working. When you are satisfied, come here and get the $50 offer.

Discount at The Time of Renewal of Hosting

After the one year of stay with DreamHost hosting, you service period will expire. You will have to renew the shared hosting plan if you want to continue with them. Since you got the discount at the time of signup, you may want to get discount at the time of renewal also but DreamHost doesn’t offer discount at the time of renewal.

Now you may be disappointed that the company offers discount only at the time of signup. This is standard practice. Any web hosting company offers discount only at the time of sign up. No company offers discount at the time of renewal.

If you migrate to another hosting company then you can get a discount but you will have to go through the trouble of moving data from DreamHost to new hosting provider. If you are ready for that then you can move to other hosting provider and get discount.

Discount For Dedicated, VPS, DreamHost WordPress (DreamPress 2) & Cloud Hosting

As of now, there is no flat discount available on VPS, dedicated, wordpress or cloud hosting. You will get the flat discount only on shared hosting plans.

If you want to sign up with any other web hosting plans then you will get free hosting months. You can either get one free month of two free months, depending on the service you select. To take the advantage of the discount, you will have to sign up for full year of hosting.

If you sign up for full year of VPS service then you will get one free month. If you signup for full year of dedicated service then you will save $240. If you sign up for full year of DreamPress2 then you will save 15%.

Thus, you can save on every hosting plan offered by DreamHost.

I have tried to cover each and every detail of DreamHost coupon and latest offers. If you still have any doubt or question about offer then you can contact me.