DreamHost Promo Code 2016

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If you want to sign up with DreamHost then you should use the coupon codes offered by DreamHost. You can get as much as $50 discount using the DreamHost promos. If you have come here in search of a maximum discount codes then your search ends here. You will get maximum discount using one of the following codes.

Click Here to Go To The $50 off Sign Up Page

DreamHost 40% off

$50 off Coupon

Use the coupon dreamsavings50 to get the $50 discount. After using the code dreamsavings50, you will have to pay $69.40 per year for the first year. So it’s equivalent of $5.78/month. You get the same full features with a free domain registration. The code dreamsavings50 is always working and never expires. You can save as much as 40% using this promotional code. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace, unlimited FTP & user accounts and many more features. You also get a free domain registration for the first year when you sign up with DreamHost.



$25 Off Promo Code

Use the promotional code dreamsavings25 and you can save $25 on your hosting bill for the first year. You can save almost 20% using this code. I would suggest you to use dreamsavings50 code first. If that doesn’t work then you can use this code. Using the code dreamsavings25, you also get the same regular features and benefits.


Where To Enter The DreamHost Coupon?

If you want to sign up with the DreamHost and want to get a discount then you can use the DreamHost latest offers. DreamHost doesn’t have any coupon code text field where you can enter the coupon and get discount. If you want to get the discount then visit the following link and follow the DreamHost sign up procedure.

After following that guide, you will be able to get $50 discount.

Learn How to Sign up with DreamHost and make a website.

dreamhost coupon

Maximum Discount You Can Get at DreamHost

If you have decided that you are going to subscribe to the DreamHost then you can save maximum of $50. There is no more discount. DreamHost doesn’t offer more than $50 discount. If you will search the on the internet then you will find some coupon code which offers more than $50 discount but none of them are working. You can check it yourself.

As of now, DreamHost only runs two different offers. One gives $50 discount and another gives $25 discount. I am sure you will go with $50. So just go ahead and sign up with $50 promo code.

How To Get The Discount?

If you start the sign up process then you will find that there is no option to enter the DreamHost coupon code in the form. So you can not directly use the promo codes. Does it mean that you can’t get the discount. No, it means that you will have to find the right way to get the discount.

DreamHost has created two different pages for two different offers. You just need to go to those pages and start the sign up procedure there.  I have given you the link above in this page. If you visit DreamHost from that link then you will reach to $50 offer page.

Start the sign up procedure there. The coupon code “dreamsavings50” is already applied there. Before giving the payment please make sure that the discount is deducted from the final billing account.

Discount at The Time of Renewal

Once you sign up with DreamHost, I am sure you will stay with them from the next year also. So you will need to renew your hosting account. You might be searching for the DreamHost renewal coupon code but trust me there is no discount at the time of renewal.

This is the standard in hosting company. All hosting companies offer discount at the time of sign up. Once you become their customer, there is no discount for you at the time of renewal.

If you are not happy with your hosting provider then you can leave them and sign up with a new hosting provider. There you will get the discount but you will have to migrate your account data to the new hosting provider.

Discount For VPS, Dedicated, DreamHost WordPress (DreamPress 2) & Cloud Hosting

Currently all the discount is available only for shared hosting plan. If you are planning to sign up with VPS, Dedicated, DreamPress 2 or Cloud Hosting then you won’t get any flat discount.

If you will sign up for yearly plan then you will get one or two months free depends on the plan selected. If you sign up for yearly plan and select the VPS hosting then you will get one month free. If you sign up for Dedicated plan and pay for full year in advance then you will save $240. If you sign up for yearly DreamPress 2 plan then you will save 15% that is almost $36.

So now you can save on VPS, Dedicated and DreamPress 2 hosting also.

I have included almost every bit of information regarding the coupon and discount offers from DreamHost. If you still have any confusion or question then please contact me.