About Us

Hello, My name is Dhruv Patel. I have completed BEIT and after that I did a job as System Administrator for 2 years at Bangalore. After doing the job for 2 years, I started my online business. I basically started with affiliate marketing. From then on I am doing affiliate marketing.

I have promoted many different products. I have promoted ringtones, ebooks from clickbank, mobile phones, laptops, cosmetic items and web hosting packages. Although I have tried to promote many more things but I haven’t got the success in many of them.

Since being in the affiliate marketing industry, I need to create many websites. So the most important part of my business is a web hosting provider which can host all my websites.

When I started, I tried many web hosting providers. Finally, I settled on DreamHost. When it comes to hosting, nobody can come close to DreamHost. After staying with DreamHost for some time, I liked the service so much that I decided to promote it.

So I started creating a site to promote DreamHost. Thus, this web site was born. Initially, I only offered coupons and review about DreamHost. Then I thought that people will need my help even after subscribing with DreamHost. So I started adding tutorials related to DreamHost. I started showing how to manage DreamHost account and perform different tasks.

As a result, this website now contains much information about DreamHost hosting.

If you feel that you need my help in doing some operation at DreamHost account then you can always contact me. Please don’t contact me if you just get a downtime. Some issues can only be solved by DreamHost support team.