About Us

Dhruv PatelLet me introduce myself. My name is Dhruv Patel. I have made this web site. I am currently a DreamHost customer and a big fan of DreamHost.

DreamHost is a web hosting company. I am an affiliate marketer. Being in the online industry, I need to host my websites. So I need to have an account at good hosting company. DreamHost is the one I trust. I have many websites hosted with DreamHost.

I liked the DreamHost service very much. After using the DreamHost service, I felt that I should promote the DreamHost. That’s why I have made this website.

In this website, you will find all the information related to DreamHost. Currently I am offering the maximum discount coupon code for DreamHost. If you want to sign up for DreamHost then you can get discount up to $50.

This site also offers different articles on how to perform various hosting related operations in DreamHost. In short, you can learn how to manage DreamHost account through this website.

If you have any problem related to DreamHost hosting account and can’t find the solution then you can always contact me. I will do my best to help you.