DreamHost Domain Name Servers and Whois Information

You have known DreamHost as the web hosting provider but do you know that DreamHost is domain name registrar also? Yes, DreamHost is ICANN approved domain name registrar. It offers domain name registrations for more than 350 TLDs.

Set Domain Name Servers in DreamHost

I assume that you have read my article on how to register a domain. If you haven’t read it then I strongly recommend that you read it. To understand this article, you need to have the knowledge of how to register a domain name.

If you are going to host your domain at DreamHost then you will not have to change the name servers. Changing of name servers are required only when you are going to host a registered domain name at some other hosting provider. If you are not happy with DreamHost hosting then you can change the hosting company. If you registered the domain through DreamHost then you will have to set name servers for that domain to the new hosting’s name servers.

To change the name servers, first login to DreamHost panel. Click on Domains then Manage Domains link. Now click on the DNS link below the domain for which you want to change the name servers.

DreamHost DNS change

Now here change the name servers to new hosting provider’s name servers. Then click on Set these nameservers button.

There is one more way for changing name servers. First click on Domains then click on Registrations. You will see all registered domain names. Click on the domain for which you want to set the new nameservers. Then click on Modify WHOIS info button at the bottom.

DreamHost Change Nameservers

Then click on Nameservers tab. Select the option, “Use another host’s nameservers”. Enter name servers which you have got from other hosting provider.

Set Nameservers

Click on Save Nameservers button. That’s it. Your new nameservers will be set.

Set WHOIS information in DreamHost

WHOIS record is available publically. From whois record, you can see who is owning the domain name. You can get the name, address, phone number and email ID of the owner.

ICANN has made it compulsory to check the whois records at certain interval. If you have moved from some other location then you will need to change the whois records.

You also might want to enable whois privacy for your domain name. If whois privacy is enabled then nobody can see your personal information. You might want to enable whois privacy for the domain name. Watch the following video to learn how to enable whois privacy.

If you want to change the whois information then steps are almost same. First click on Domains in the left side menu. Then click on Registrations. Then select the domain for which you want to change the whois record. Scroll down to bottom of the page then click on Modify WHOIS button. Here you can modify the whois information for owner, admin, tech and billing.

DreamHost WHOIS

I hope you now know how to change nameservers and whois records for domain name at DreamHost.