Change DreamHost Panel Password

Every person who subscribe for the service of DreamHost, gets the access to the DreamHost panel. DreamHost is not using cPanel to manage hosting accounts. DreamHost has developed its own control panel.

Now customers can perform any type of operation on their hosting account using this control panel. So keeping the password of DreamHost panel safe is very important. It is always recommended that you keep changing the password at regular interval to keep the password safe. In DreamHost, you can also enable multifactor authentication to make the panel login safe.

If you would like to change the password of the DreamHost panel then you must know from where you can change it. In this article, I am going to show you steps of changing DreamHost panel password.

Change Web ID Password Video

I have created a video which shows how to change Web ID password. Please watch the following video to understand the process.

Procedure to Change the Web ID Password

If you don’t like to watch the video then here are the instructions for you. Follow the steps given and you will be able to change the password for web ID.

Please note that this procedure of changing password will only work if you have the current password of your control panel. If you don’t have the current password of the panel or if you are unable to login to the panel then this process will not work.

To change the password, first login to the DreamHost panel.

Then click on Billing & Account section in the left side navigation panel. You will see the new set of options. There click on Security link.

Account Security

In the Change Password section, enter the current password in the current password field. Enter the new password in the new password field. Also confirm the new password. When every thing is in place, click on Change button to change the web ID password.

Change Password

You will see the success message like following.

Change Password Success

Congratulations! Your new web panel password is set now. You can logout to the web panel and login with the new password.