DreamHost Affiliate

DreamHost is a well known name in hosting industry. DreamHost offers a wide range of hosting services and domain registrations. Like every other online company, DreamHost also has an affiliate program. DreamHost affiliate program is known as “DreamHost Rewards Program”.

The success of the affiliate program depends on quality of the product. Every affiliate want to promote a product which offers good quality and which also sells itself. DreamHost offers best hosting products and customer support. It also gives attractive commission. So DreamHost is a good choice for any affiliate.

Overview of DreamHost Affiliate Program

When you become a customer of DreamHost, you automatically become the affiliate of DreamHost. You don’t have to sign up as affiliate for DreamHost. You can access your affiliate page from the DreamHost control panel. Click on Billing & Account, then click on Affiliates to access the affiliate page.

If you are not a customer of DreamHost then you will have to separately sign up with DreamHost affiliate program. Signup from here.

Commission Structure of DreamHost Rewards Program

You can earn two ways using DreamHost affiliate program. DreamHost offers reoccurring commission and also onetime commission. You can select whatever you like.

One who choose to get one time commission, gets $97 as a commission per sale. These affiliates also get $5 in commission if the customer whom they have referred also refer to someone else. This is called tier 2 commission. If the new customer sign up for monthly plan then affiliate gets $30 in commission.

In reoccurring commission structure, affiliates get 10% of the invoice for the tier 1 referrers and 5% of the invoice for the tier 2 referrers.

This is very clear that You should promote DreamHost affiliate programs using one time commission structure.

Promote DreamHost Using Coupons

You can also promote DreamHost using coupon code. DreamHost offers facility to all affiliates for creating a coupon code. Affiliates can create a coupon of up to $97 discount. These discount are passed on to the customer from the affiliate’s commission. So for example, say if some customer uses the coupon code of $50 discount then the owner of the coupon, the affiliate who owns the coupon, will get $47($97-$50) in commission.

How Much Discount Should You Offer?

The answer to the above question depends. If you want to promote aggressively then you should offer more discount in the coupon. You can offer $75 or $90 discount. But that way, you will earn less money. If you offer lesser discount then also you will get less customers. So ultimately, you will earn less.

The balance amount for offering discount is $50. Anyway, DreamHost has not capped the maximum discount to $50. So you will get $47 in commission for referring a new customer.

DreamHost Affiliate Link

You can link to DreamHost affiliate program in many ways. You can either use the plain affiliate link without code. That way, you will get $97 in commission if someone sign up using that link.

I prefer to use link with coupon code like this.


Since coupon code is used, the customer will see a discounted price in the hosting plans. Since discount is offered, there is a high chance that a visitor will be converted to the customer.

So now you got the idea of DreamHost affiliate program. Sign up now and start making money.