DreamHost Affiliate

DreamHost offers web hosting solution. DreamHost is the best web host I have ever used. Like every other online company, DreamHost also has an affiliate program. DreamHost affiliate program is called “DreamHost Rewards Program”.

Every affiliate wants to promote a good and high paying product. DreamHost offers world class service to their customers. So marketing become easier with a good product. Also the rate at which DreamHost offers service is very low compare to other hosting providers.

Overview of DreamHost Affiliate Program

If you are a customer of DreamHost then you become the affiliate of DreamHost by default. You don’t have to sign up separately. As a customer, you can access the affiliate earning report from DreamHost panel.

DreamHost Affiliate Program

If you are not a customer of DreamHost and want to promote the DreamHost then you will have to sign up for the affiliate program. Sign up from here.

Commission Structure of DreamHost Rewards Program

DreamHost affiliate program offers two types of commission structure. You can either get one time commission or you can get reoccurring commission.

Affiliates who select to get one time commission, get $97 commission for directly referring a customer. These affiliates also get $5 in commission if any of their referred clients refers a new customer. $97 commission is only applicable if the referred customer sign up for yearly plan. If a referred customer sign up for monthly plan then the affiliate will get $30 in commission.

In reoccurring commission, affiliate gets 10% of the invoice paid by the referrer. Affiliates also get 5% of the invoice for every 2nd tier referrer.

Now it’s obvious that one time commission makes more sense and you should select one time commission structure as a DreamHost affiliate.

Promote DreamHost Using Coupons

DreamHost affiliate program also offers coupon codes. Each affiliate has an ability to create the coupon. These coupons are unique across the system. Affiliates can pass the discount from their commission to the customer through the coupon. If any person signs up using your created coupon then you get the credit for referring that customer.

Since you offered a discount through coupon, you don’t get full $97 in commission. You are paid less than $97 because you offered discount to the customers.

Here is an example. Say, you created a coupon which gives $50 discount to the customer. Now when any person signs up using a $50 discount coupon code, you get $47($97-$50) in commission.

How Much Discount Should You Offer?

The answer depends on your promotion strategy. If you are able to get the customers with very less discount then you should offer $10 or $20 off coupon code. If you are unable to get the clients at high rate then you should offer more discount.

Normally, I and many other affiliates offer $50 discount. There are few affiliates who offer even $97 discount but if you offer $97 discount then you don’t make money. We are here to make money. So I’d say, give at most $50 discount.

DreamHost Affiliate Link

DreamHost offers many ways to use affiliate link. You can either use plain affiliate link or you can include the coupon code in affiliate link. I never use plain affiliate link as shown in below.


I prefer to use link with coupon code like this.


When the coupon code is used in the link, the discount of coupon is already applied and DreamHost site reflect the prices after deducting the discount. So there is a high chance that a visitor will get converted. Also since your coupon is used, you get commission for referring the client.

You have got a pretty good idea of how DreamHost affiliate program works. Sign up now.