DreamHost CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a third party service. CloudFlare offers higher performance to the website and more security to your website. Cloudflare uses the advantages of content delivery network (CDNs) to serve the websites. So it improves the web site performance. If you are looking for faster website then you should go with this service.


About CloudFlare

Cloudflare company was started almost around 7 years ago. At that time, cloudflare was first launched in beta stage. The founders of the cloudflare company had another project called Project honey pot. Project honey pot was geared towards the tracking of how email addresses are harvested by spammers. The founders had very big user base for their honey pot project. So they launched the beta version of cloudflare with some of the users of project honey pot.

The cloudflare service was first developed to create more secure website. It was developed to provide the protections to the website from the hackers. It was very surprising when the beta users responded saying that their website performance improves on an average by 30%.

Since the launching, cloudflare has improved a lot. They have added many features in the services.

CloudFlare Services

Cloudflare currently offers four types of plans. Free, Pro, Business and Enterprise plans. Free plan is for uses like you and me who don’t have much web traffic. They just use the service to explore the features offered by cloudflare. To the free plan users, cloudflare offers limited DDoS attack protection and web page service through Global CDN.

Pro plan includes image optimization and basic web application firewall (WAF). Business plan users get advance DDoS Protection and advance web application firewall. They also get custom SSL certificate. Enterprise uses get 24×7 phone support and 100% uptime SLA.

DreamHost offers free plan and cloudflare plus plan integration. I don’t know what is provided in the plus plan but it seems like it is equivalent to pro plan. I think Cloudflare introduced plus plan for the hosting companies who offer them clients in bulk.

Enable CloudFlare on DreamHost

It is very easy to enable cloudflare server on DreamHost. You need to follow these steps in order to enable cloudflare service on your DreamHost hosted website.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your username password.

2) Click on Domains section. Then click on Manage Domains link.

3) Click on Edit link for the domain for which you want to activate cloudflare service.

DreamHost Domains Edit

4) Make sure that you have www option is selected for Domain name. This is compulsory requirement if you want to enable cloudflare on the domain name.

DreamHost Domain URL with WWW

5) Check the check box which says, “Enable cloudflare on this domain”. You will see more option after selecting the checkbox. In the account, select New Account. Enter the email address, username and passwords.

DreamHost CloudFlare

6) Select the cloudflare plan. You can either select basic free plan or cloudflare plus plan.

7) Click on change setting button and done.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated the cloudflare service on your domain. You will enjoy the benefits of cloudflare on the service.