DreamHost Concrete5

Concrete5 is open source CMS platform. It is free to use and developed for web developers. Concreate5 runs on PHP 5.5 or higher version and it requires MySQL database. Other than that, it also requires MySQL, DOM, SimpleXML, GD Library with freetype, Fileinfo, Mbstring, CURL, Mcrypt and ZipArchive PHP extensions installed on the PHP server.

Feature of Concrete5

There are many features offered by Concrete5. Let’s check them one by one. You will be amazed with simplicity and flexibility offered by Concrete5.

1) Concrete5 offers easy editing of a website. There is no restriction imposed on the user. You can customize your website the way you like it. You don’t have to be a coding expert.

2) You can use concrete5 to for in context editing. WYSIWYG content editor makes it easy to edit the pages and set up the content. You can easily manage the media files there.

3) Concrete5 offers a wide range of add ons. You can use them to increase the functionality of a website. There are 1000s of add ons you can select from.

4) When you use the Concrete5, your web site becomes responsive in nature. So your website is visible and readable on all devices including mobile and tablets.

5) Concrete5 gives an opportunity to its user to create custom forms for survey and collect data. You can use validate form, form field and detect any error if any.

6) You can use concrete5 to create a blog. It offers commenting, rss syndication, multiple authors support and category support.

7) Concrete5 is SEO friendly platform. You can create custom URL, sitemap and manage meta tag and titles.

8) Concrete5 also offers many security features like captcha, email verification, content approval and SSL compatibility.

Install concrete5 on your website and learn more about it.

Install Concrete5 on DreamHost

If you are on DreamHost then you don’t have to worry about concrete5 installation. You can easily install concrete5 with just few clicks. Here are the simple instructions to follow in order to install concrete5 on DreamHost.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using your webID and password.

2) Click on Goodies section. You will see more options. Click on One-Click Installs link.

DreamHost One Click Installs

3) Click on Concrete5 icon.

DreamHost Concrete5

4) You will see a new pop up there. Select the domain where you wantto install concrete5. If you want to install it under sub directory then enter the directory name. If you want it in the root domain then leave the directory field empty.

Concrete5 Install

5) In database section, keep the default option selected.

6) Click on “Install it for me now!” button.

7) You will get the success message like the following.

Concrete5 Install Success

8) Check your email. When the file upload is complete, you will get an email from DreamHost. Follow the instructions there.

Concrete5 Email

Congratulations! You have successfully installed concrete5 on DreamHost.

Uninstall Concrete5

I am not sure why one needs to uninstall concrete5 but for some reason if you want to uninstall it then you can do so. It comes in my responsibility that I guide you through the uninstallation process also.

1) Go to One-Click Installs page.

2) There click on Manage Installed Applications.

Manage Installation

3) Select the domain on which you want to uninstall concrete5. You will there is button called, “Delete all files.” Click on that button.

Uninstall Concrete5

4) You will see a confirmation box. DreamHost will make sure that you are not making mistake. So it double checks. Click on OK button.

DreamHost Uninstall Confirm

This will delete files setup. MySQL database still exists. You will have to remove it separately.

So now you know how to install and uninstall concrete5. Enjoy the new CMS on your website.