DreamHost cPanel Importer

CPanel is widely used control panel. Most of the companies use cPanel as their control panel. CPanel is developed by cPanel Inc. cPanel offers solution for the hosting providers. Hosting providers gives the account access through the cPanel. DreamHost is different. DreamHost doesn’t use cPanel. It has developed its own control panel. DreamHost allows access to its customer through the custom made control panel.

Whenever a new customer joins DreamHost, she/he gets an account on DreamHost panel. Using DreamHost panel customer can register a domain name or can setup a hosting.

DreamHost also get customers who are actually migrated from a hosting company which uses cPanel as their control panel. Such customers need to move their website data, images, files, MySQL data and email data to the DreamHost.

Since DreamHost knows that many customer will be moving from cPanel to DreamHost panel. So they need to move data from cPanel to DreamHost account. Knowing this, DreamHost has come with the easy migration feature. DreamHost offers cPanel Importer facility where with just one click you can import the full data from cPanel to DreamHost.

Actually Moving cPanel Data

Moving data from cPanel to DreamHost panel has two stages. In the first step, you need to take a backup of your data from cPanel then in the second step you need to put it on DreamHost server and import in the DreamHost panel.

Watch this short video to learn the import process.

Import Process in Full Details

Let’s check the import process with full details. To take the back up file from cPanel, go to your old host cPanel and login there.

There is section called Files in the cPanel. In that section, you will see the Backups button. Click on it.

From here, you can take the full backup including web site files and MySQL data. There are two options for back. You can take a backup of home directory and you can also take a backup of complete account. You need to take a backup of complete account. Home directory backup doesn’t work with cPanel Importer in DreamHost.

When you take a backup of complete account, you will get one file with .tar.gz extension. This file contains all data from your old hosting provier.

Now upload the file to the DreamHost server. For the demo purpose, I will upload the file under the DreamHost account ‘ahcdh’.

I have downloaded the backup file from my old hosting provider HostGator. In the following image, you can see that I have uploaded the backup file under the home directory of ‘ahcdh’ user. Backup file name is backup.tar.gz.

CPanel Importer

Next part, we need to perform in DreamHost Panel. Login to DreamHost control panel. Click on cPanel Importer in the left side nevigation panel.

cPanel Importer Link

Next give the location of the backup file. Select the username under which backup file is uploaded and enter the backup file name.

Backup File Location

Finally, click on Import Data button. You will get the success message if everything is fine.

cPanel Importer Success Message

When all data is restored to DreamHost account, you will get one email from DreamHost. You will also get another email for FTP email activation.

cPanel Importer Email

That’s it. Now the migration process is finished.