DreamHost Domain Registration, Transfer & Hosting

You might be knowing the DreamHost as the hosting provider. You may not be aware of the fact that DreamHost is also a domain name registrar. DreamHost is registered under ICANN. So all the domain names registration and maintenance is done by DreamHost itself.

Domain Registration & Domain Hosting

If you want to create a website then you will have to learn two things. One is domain registration and the other is domain hosting. You will have to learn what are those two things are and how they relate to each other.

Domain registration means the process of registering a domain name. The domain name here referred as the URL address which you want for your website. This is the address which you will enter in the browser when you want to access your website. When registration process is finished, you will need some space on internet where you can put files for your website. Getting this space and setting the domain for this space is called domain hosting.

From where you register a domain is called domain name registrar and from where you get the hosting is called hosting provider. Now, domain name registrar and hosting provider need not have to be the same. You can register a domain name from one company and then host your domain to another company. If domain name registrar and hosting provider are two different companies then you will have to set name servers on your domain name.

DreamHost Domain Registration

If you don’t like to read and prefer watching video then here it is. In the following video, I will show you how you can register a domain name. Step by step procedure is given in the video.

DreamHost offers one free domain name registration for the first year of hosting. It is not necessary to register a domain name when you are signing up with DreamHost. When the sing up process is finished, you can register a domain then.

To register a domain, first login to DreamHost panel. Then click on Domains link from the left side navigation panel. You will see new options. Click on Registrations link.

DreamHost Domain Registrations

Now enter the domain name which you would like to register. Then click on Search button. If the domain name is available then you will get the message that domain is available otherwise you will get the message that domain name is unavailable. You will also get suggestion of related domain names.

DreamHost Domain Registrations Whois Data

Now click on Buy Now for $XX.XX button. You will get the message that it is added to cart.

DreamHost Registration Cart

Click on the cart from the top-right corner. Click on Proceed to Checkout button.

On this screen, check the whois information. DreamHost offers free whois privacy. If you want to hide your contact registration details from public then check the box which says, “I want all my contact information private.” Click on Continue button and then give the payment details.

Once the domain is registered, you will get an email from DreamHost for the successful registration of the domain name.

DreamHost Domain Hosting

DreamHost domain registration is finished. So you will now have to host the domain if you want to create a working website. Watch the following video to learn how to host a domain.

To host the domain at DreamHost, you need to use these steps.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your username and password.

2) Click on Domains section. You will see more options.

3) Click on “Manage Domains” link.

DreamHost hosting

4) Click on “Add Hosting to a Domain / Sub-Domain” button.

5) You will be taken to the next page where you will have to enter the domain name which you just registered.

Fully Host Domain

6) Select the preferred version of your web URL.  Select the new username or use already created username. Select PHP mode. Select other options which you are going to use.

7) Enter the captcha and click on “Fully host this domain” button.

That’s it. Once the hosting setup is finished, you will also get email from DreamHost.

Transfer Domain

Transfering domain name means transferring domain registration. If you want to use the DreamHost just for hosting purpose and if your domain is registered elsewhere then you don’t need to transfer domain name. You will just have to set name servers for the domain which point to DreamHost name servers and host the domain at DreamHost.

If you current domain name registrar charges more for renewal or if the current domain name registrar doesn’t offer free whois privacy then you might want to transfer the domain to DreamHost.

Things to Check Before Transferring Domain

Domain transferring process is very simple but there are few things which you need to keep in mind before you initiate a domain transfer.

1) You must have an auth code for the domain. Without auth code, you can not transfer domain to another domain registrar. You will get auth code from current domain name registrar.

2) Make sure that name servers are properly set before you initiate transfer. You can not change name servers for the domain name in between the transfer process.

3) You must have an access to the email ID registered in the whois record of the domain. You will have to verify the email from the company where you are transferring the domain name.

4) Before you initiate the domain transfer, you domain must be in unlocked condition. You cannot transfer locked domain name.

5) You cannot even transfer the domain within 60 days of registration. I would suggest you to transfer domain when one month is remaining in expiry.

Transfer Domain To DreamHost

Transferring domain to DreamHost is easy task. First login to DreamHost panel. Then Click on Domains section. Then click on Reg. Transfer link. Enter your domain name and click on “Request Transfer…” button.

Transfer Domain To DreamHost

On the next page, you will have to provide auth code which you will get from the current domain registrar.

Transfer Domain Auth Code

Enter the auth code. Click on Continue button. Now you will be taken to the payment page. Give payment and you are done.

You will get an email from the DreamHost. You will have to verify the transfer process by clicking on the link given in the email. After the verification, domain transfer process will start and you will get email when domain transfer is complete.

Transfer Domain From DreamHost

If you want to transfer domain from DreamHost to another domain name registrar then you will have to initiate the transfer process at the other domain name registrar. Every domain name registrar has their own transfer process but one thing is sure that you will need the auth code from DreamHost.

To get the auth code, first login to DreamHost panel. Then click on Domains section. Then click on Reg. Transfer link.

Transfer Domain From DreamHost

On this page, you will get the auth codes for the domains registered through DreamHost. Click on Reveal Auth Code for the domain which you want to transfer.

Enter this auth code in to the other domain name registrar and start the transfer process.

I hope you now know how to register a domain name, host a domain and transfer the domain.