DreamHost Donations

Asking for donation is a great way to collect money if you are really doing some grateful task. So if you have really good web site which helps people to solve their problems, you can easily ask for donation and you will surely get some money in donation.

Now don’t expect to get millions of dollars in donation but you can atleast collect enough which can be useful to pay your hosting bills. DreamHost offers an easy way to integrate donation button to your web site.  Please keep in mind that you can’t cash out your donation money from DreamHost. All your collected money through donation will be used to pay DreamHost hosting bills.

In this article, I will show you how to integrate DreamHost donation button to your web site.

What You Need?

In order to make the donation button in DreamHost, you will need two different pages. One is for successful payment and another is for cancelled payment. Although this is not compulsory but you can make these two pages if you like to show success and cancelled messages on your web site.

If you would like to integrate your own donation button then you will also need to make the donation button. You can also use DreamHost’s premade donation buttons.

Donations Button Integration

To integrate the DreamHost donation button, first login to the DreamHost panel. Go to Donations section under the DreamHost menu.

DreamHost Donations

Here you need to give details.  First give your web site name. Then select the currency in which you want the donations. I would say keep the currency according to your web site targeted audience. In general, you should keep USD.

Enter the amount you want people to donate. You can select any amount option or you can pre set three different amounts.

Enter the successful donation URL and cancelled donation URL. As I said, these two options are not compulsory. So you can keep them blank.

Next enter the email address to get alert email messages for new donations. Finally select the donation button. If you like you can set your own made donation button. Click on Create Donation Button Code Now button.

Now DreamHost will create a simple HTML code. Just put it on your web site pages and the donation button will appear on your web site. The simple donation button looks like the following.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

If you like the articles on this web site then you can obviously make a donation.

Now go and integrate the donation button and get hosting free.