DreamHost Donations

If you want to generate money from your website then asking for donation is one of the ways. If you are really doing helpful job by creating your website then chances are that you will get a good donations. One should always ask for the donations on the website. Whatever little or big amount you get via donation is an extra income for your website.

Most of the web site owners will not get donations in bulk but they can atleast get the donations by which they can pay the hosting bills. DreamHost is amazing web hosting provider. It provides simple donation button integration on your website. Using this button, you can collect the donations. You cannot cash out the collected money through donations button. You can use these collected money only to pay hosting bills at DreamHost.

Here, we will see how to integrate the donation button on DreamHost hosted website.

Requirements to Integrate Donation Button

You need two different pages on your website. One page is needed to display the success message after donor has finished the transaction successfully. You need another page to display the transaction cancelation message if donor cancels the transaction in between. This is not the compulsory requirements but it is always better to show gratitude to the donor.

If you would like to use your own donation button then you will also need to create one for yourself. You can also use DreamHost’s pre made donation buttons.

Donations Button Integration

Now this is a tricky part. Previously, DreamHost had a donation button page which was accessible from the panel. Now DreamHost has removed it. So you cannot find a link of donation page from DreamHost panel. To access the donation page, you will have to directly visit the https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=billing.donations& . Although DreamHost has removed the link to this page, the page is still working.

Now you need to provide details. First give your website name. You can give any name. This is for your reference. Then select the currency of donations. You can select from USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR & JPY. You can select the currency option according to your targeted audience. I prefer to use USD.

Then enter the amount which you would like to collect. You can keep the any amount option or you can set the three different amounts.

Enter the successful donation URL and Cancelled donation URL. You can leave them blank if you wish. These two options are not compulsory.

Next enter the email address. On this email, you will get the alert message whenever a new donation happens.

In the last, select the donation button image. You can set your own donation image or you can use DreamHost’s images.

Finally, click on “Create Donation Button Code Now!” button. Now you will get simple HTML code. Integrate this HTML code on your website and you will see the donation button your web page. The donation button looks like following.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

If you enjoyed the articles on this website then consider giving donation for the hosting of this website.

Now you can start creating your own donation button.