DreamHost Email

Email is an very important part of your business. Once you have website up and running, your next step is to make your email address work. DreamHost offers unlimited email accounts with any hosting plan. You can host your emails at DreamHost mail server. In this article, I will show you how you can create an email address using DreamHost panel.

In DreamHost, you can set your mail settings in two ways. In one way, you will use DreamHost mail server to host your emails and in the other way, you will use Gmail server to host your emails. If you are very happy with gmail service and would like to use Gmail server for hosting emails then you can easily do so. In this article, we are going to discuss the first way in which we host emails at DreamHost servers.

Video Tutorial

If you don’t like to read then watch this short video. In this video, I will show you how to create an email address.

To create an email Id, just use the following steps.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your webid and password.

2) Now from the left side panel, click on Manage Email link under the Mail section.

3) Here click on Create New Email Address button.

Create Email

4) On the next page, give the name of an email address and select the domain for which you want to create the email. Give the password and confirm password. You also have an option to set quota for the email address.

Email Password

5) Here you will see that your email id is created.

DreamHost Email Confirm

Now you can access your email id using webmail.

So now you know how to create email address in DreamHost.

Access Emails Through Webmail

Whenever the first email id is created for the domain name, DreamHost automatically sets up webmail sub domain for accessing webmail. Since we created an email id ‘[email protected]’, we can access it athttp://webmail.dreamvideotutorial.com/ .

Now keep in mind that you can also access all your DreamHost hosted mails from one single URL  at http://webmail.dreamhost.com/ . Here you need to give full email Id as username whereas in custom URL you just need to give email name as username.

If you see SSL certificate error while accessing webmail URL then just ignore it. That error happens because DreamHost uses the self-signed certificate for webmail URL.

Now visit the webmail URL and enjoy your email service.

DreamHost Webmail

Change Webmail URL

DreamHost offers a facility to change webmail  URL. To change the webmail URL, use the following steps.

1) Login to DreamHost panel.

2) Click on Mail link from the left side navigation panel. Then click on Webmail link.

3) Click on the Edit button besides the domain name for which you want to change the mail URL.

Edit Webmail URL

4) Change the webmail location. I would like to keep it ashttp://mail.dreamvideotutorial.com . You also have an option to enable roundCube or change SquirrelMail login URL.

DreamHost webmail Login

5) Once you finished changes, click on Save Changes button.

That’s it. Now you have successfully made changes for your webmail. I hope you enjoy reading this article.