DreamHost GetSimple

GetSimple is the only content management system which is based on XML. GetSimple is developed to make small websites with very simplicity. You don’t have any complex features which are not needed in small and simple websites. GetSimple is an easy to use and superfast platform.

GetSimple CMS

Features Offered in GetSimple

GetSimple CMS has many advantages and features built in the platform. Here is a list of some features.

1) You might have seen that most of the CMS platforms uses MySQL for storing data. You will be surprised to know that GetSimple CMS is the only one platform who is not using MySQL database to store data. Instead, it uses XML to store the data.

2) Since GetSimple CMS uses XML to store the data, you will need SimpleXML extension of PHP to install the GetSimple CMS.

3) The admin interface of GetSimple is very simple and easy to learn. Even a non-IT person can use it to create a website.

4) GetSimple XML provides you UNDO facility. You can almost undo any operation which you perform in the GetSimple CMS.

5) GetSimple CMS is very easy to install. As I said earlier, GetSimple is not using MySQL database. That is why it is very easy to install. Just upload the files for installation, follow the instructions given and you will have platform ready.

6) You can easily customize theme in GetSimple CMS. There is a whole documentation on how to edit the theme. You can even use the already created theme on your website.

7) There are even some plugins available for the site. Using these plugins, you can increase the functionality of the website.

8) GetSimple CMS offers super fast performance because it is not using MySQL database. So the page loading speed is very low.

Install GetSimple CMS to learn more about the platform.

Install GetSimple on DreamHost

To install the GetSimple CMS on DreamHost, follow these guidelines. You will have GetSimple CMS ready on your hosted website.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using your web id and password.

2) Then click on Goodies section. You will see new options there. Then click on One-Click Installs link.

3) You will see a list of available open source applications for installation.

DreamHost One Click Installs

4) Click on GetSimple CMS icon

DreamHost GetSimple

5) Now you will see a popup like following.

DreamHost GetSimple Install

6) Select the domain on which you want to install GetSimple CMS. Enter the directory name if you want to install it under sub directory. Since GetSimple CMS is not using MySQL database, there is no option for MySQL database. Click on “Install it for me now!” button. You will see a success message.

DreamHost GetSimple Success

7) Once the files are uploaded to the server, you will get an email from the DreamHost. You now need to follow the instructions given in the email.

DreamHost GetSimple Email

You go the idea of how to install GetSimple CMS on DreamHost. Let’s see how to uninstall GetSimple CMS.

Upgrade GetSimple

DreamHost one-click install feature also offers auto upgrade facility. You can select whether to auto upgrade or not. You can also opt for getting notification when the newer version is available. Then you can upgrade the CMS manually.

Now you got idea on how to install and upgrade GetSimple CMS. Install it on your website and try it out.