DreamHost How To

After you finish the sign up with DreamHost, you will have to manage your DreamHost account. You will have to perform many hosting related tasks when you get the new account. In this website, I offer you many tutorials related on managing your DreamHost account.

You may need to add domain hosting to your account, you may need to register a domain name, you may need to set name servers for your registered domain. In my how to articles, you will learn how to do each task using DreamHost panel. I have written the tutorials in simple language so that even a non-technical person can understand it. You will get the detailed step by step instructions with screenshots.

Why Do You Need DreamHost Tutorials?

When I created this website, I made it to promote the DreamHost. After joining DreamHost, I liked the service so much that I decided to promote it. If I create a site just for promotion and don’t add any useful stuff in the site the it won’t be good.

So along with recommendation of DreamHost, I decided to give tutorials on managing DreamHost account. So if someone becomes the customer of DreamHost then also this site is useful to that person.

At first I decided to offer DreamHost coupon codes through this website. I also needed some more content for my visitors and for the SEO purpose also. That is also one of the reason, I started adding tutorials on this website. I am glad that I decided to add DreamHost related tutorials on this website. Now the website has enough content and my visitors like that.

A List of Different How To Articles

DreamHost Help Tutorials

DreamHost Domain Registration, Transfer & Hosting

After signing up with the DreamHost, you will need to register a domain name or you may need to transfer your existing domain name. After register or transfer of your domain, you will need to add domain to the hosting otherwise site won’t work. In this article, I show you how to do that.

DreamHost SSH – Enable SSH on Your DreamHost Account

SSH stands for Secure SHell. You can use SSH to directly login to the server. Using SSH you can perform different tasks on the server. To use the SSH, you will have to first enable it on DreamHost account. Learn how to use SSH on DreamHost.

DreamHost FTP – Transfer Files From and To DreamHost Server

Once you have domain setup, you will need to upload HTML files and images to your hosting account. FTP is a File Transfer Protocol. You can use FTP account to upload and download files to and from the server. Read exactly how to create FTP user and use it for file transfer.

DreamHost IonCube – How to Install IonCube on DreamHost Server

Some softwares are PHP encoded. If a software is encoded using IonCube then you will need to install ionCube loader on the server to run the software. Here, I have explained in detail how you can install ionCube loader on DreamHost hosted website.

DreamHost Hotlinking – Stop Hotlinking for Your Website

There are people on the internet who would like to directly use the images from your server and display it on their site. This is called hotlinking of the images. Hotlinking uses your bandwidth. So it’s necessary to stop hotlinking from your website. Learn how to do that.

How to Make Password Protected Directory?

You may not be aware of this but you can create some content password protected. You can make the complete directory password protected. In this article, I explain how to setup password protection using DreamHost control panel.

DreamHost WordPress – Install WordPress on DreamHost

WordPress is Content Management System. You can use WordPress to create blog, simple website, complex website, forum or even a ecommerce site. DreamHost offers one click installation of WordPress. Learn how to use DreamHost panel and install wordpress on your website.

Using RSA Keys For SSH Authentication

After enabling SSH, whenever you try to connect to the server, you will have to use your username and password for login. In SSH, there is another way of authentication. You can create RSA keys and use them for the authentication. That way, you will not have to enter username password. Learn the process in this article.

DreamHost Affiliate Program – Make Some Money

If you start recommending DreamHost to your friends, family members or to even unknown person then you can earn money. DreamHost offers $47 in commission for getting them a customer. You can promote DreamHost through special links offered by DreamHost.

DreamHost Crontab – Set Up Cron Jobs on Your Account

There are certain tasks which requires automation. You can do the automation on the server using crontab. You can setup cron job using SSH or via DreamHost panel. Read this article to learn more about DreamHost cron job.

Setup Name Servers and Whois information in DreamHost?

If you registered a domain name at DreamHost and after some time if you decide to use another hosting company for hosting then you will have to setup nameservers. You can also edit whois information and make it private. DreamHost doesn’t charge anything for offering private whois.

DreamHost API – Get DreamHost Panel Information From The API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. You can use API in the backend programming. Using DreamHost API, you can get all your DreamHost account’s information. Not only that you can even perform some operations using DreamHost API.

DreamHost Custom 404 – Create Custom 404 Error Page On Your DreamHost Account

Whenever the resource is not found on the server, the server gives 404 error. 404 error is in standard format and default 404 error page doesn’t contain any information other than the error.  You can create custom 404 error page which looks like your website page.

DreamHost MultiFactor Authentication – Make Strong Security For DreamHost Account

DreamHost is the only hosting company which offers multifactor authentication. You can setup two step verification process for your DreamHost panel login. Two step verification process makes your account more secure. Learn how to enable multifactor authentication.

DreamHost PageSpeed – Increase the Loading Speed of Your Web Page

Pagespeed is a module offered by Google company. Pagespeed module is used to speed the page loading. DreamHost is the first company which offered pagespeed module integration with single click.

DreamHost CloudFlare – Use CloudFlare Service in DreamHost Hosted Site

CloudFlare is a third party service. You can use cloudflare to improve the performance of the website. Cloudflare also acts as a firewall. So you can make your website secure from hackers and other attacks. You can easily integrate cloudflare on DreamHost and you will have to pay less.

DreamHost MediaWiki – Install MediaWiki On DreamHost Account

MediaWiki is developed by WikiPedia and it is used by many websites. MediaWiki is a famous wiki platform. You can install MediaWiki on DreamHost hosted website using one-click installs facility. DreamHost makes the setup very easy and you don’t have to worry about creating MySQL database or uploading file to your site.

One Click Installs – Easily Install Softwares Using One Click

DreamHost offers easy installation of many open source platforms. These platforms includes WordPress, MediaWiki, MODX, GetSimple CMS, Joomla, Drupal and many others. Learn how to use one-click installs feature to install your needed CMS platform.

DreamHost MySQL – Create And Manage MySQL Databases

MySQL is open source and free database. Most of the CMS platforms uses MySQL as database. When you have a hosting account, you need to learn how to manage MySQL database. You can create, edit and delete MySQL database. If you want to manage tables in MySQL database then you will have to use phpMyAdmin.

DreamHost Concrete5 – Install Concrete5 on The DreamHost Server

Concrete5 is another open source CMS platform. Concreate5 offers amazing features like WYSIWYG editor, responsive layout, RSS syndication and many more. In this article, I show you how to install concreate5 on DreamHost hosted website.

Import Data From cPanel to DreamHost Account

There are many customers who comes from cPanel hosting to DreamHost. They might find it hard to move the data to DreamHost. DreamHost has simplified this process. You can now import data from cPanel to your DreamHost account.

Use DreamHosters.com Sub Domain

When you sign up with DreamHost, you get unlimited DreamHosters.com sub domain. You can setup a DreamHosters.com sub domain either at the time of signup or you can even setup DreamHosters.com sub domain after getting a hosting account. Learn how to do that.

DreamHost Textpattern – Install TextPattern Using One Click Installs

Textpattern is another open source CMS platform. You can create a personal blog or a simple website using textpattern. It is very easy to use textpattern. You can install textpattern using DreamHost’s one-click installs facility. Learn the exact procedure in this article.

DreamHost Joomla – Install Joomla On Your DreamHost Server

Joomla is yet another open source software with amazing features. Joomla is used by millions of websites. You can install joomla on DreamHost hosted website with just one-click installs facility.

DreamHost Flash Media – Host Videos On DreamHost Hosted Sites

Flash is widely used software for displaying the rich content. You can display images and video using flash player. Since flash is widely supported, your video will be viewable by all browsers. Learn how to convert mp4 file to flash video.

DreamHost MODX – Install MODX on DreamHost Server

MODX is the flexible CMS platform. It is an advance level CMS platform that is why it offers flexibility. MODX comes in two different versions, MODX evolution and MODX revolution. You can install MODX evolution in DreamHost using one-click installs facility.

How to Remap Sub Directory in DreamHost?

Remapping sub directory is needed only when backend directory structure is changed. If you change the root directory structure and don’t remap the URL path to new directory then you will get 404 error. To avoid error, you will need to remap the directory.

Install GetSimple on DreamHost Hosted WebSite

GetSimple CMS is the only CMS platform which is not using MySQL database. GetSimple CMS uses XML to save the data. Install GetSimple CMS on your website using one-click install feature.

DreamHost Pligg – Install Pligg Software on Your DreamHost Account

Pligg is yet another Content Management System. If you want to create interactive website then you should use Pligg platform. You can install Pligg using DreamHost control panel. Use one-click feature provided by DreamHost to install Pligg.

DreamHost Omeka – Install Omeka On DreamHost

Omeka is a digital exhibition publishing software. Omeka offers many themes and extensions for digital publishing. Use DreamHost provided one-click installs to install the Omeka on your website.

DreamHost Secure Hosting – Use SSL Certificate to Make Secure Hosting

Recently Google made it clear that it will consider the secure SSL as a ranking factor. You can create secure website using free certificate offered by StartSSL. Learn how to get the certificate from StartSSL and use it on DreamHost account.

How to Renew Domain On DreamHost

After one year, you will have to renew the domain name. In this article, I show you how to renew a domain name at DreamHost. You can renew domain name up to another 3 years.

DreamHost Email – Manage Your Email Accounts

DreamHost offers unlimited email accounts. You can create, edit or delete email account from DreamHost panel. You can also access your emails through webmail. Learn how to manage email accounts.

DreamHost Green Hosting – Show the World That Your Site is Green

DreamHost is a green hosting. If you want to show the world that you are hosted with the green hosting then this article is for you. You can integrate the green hosting image on your webpage and that will confirm that you are hosted with green host.

Change Web ID Password in DreamHost Panel

If you want to change the password of your DreamHost panel the you can do so. Changing DreamHost’s web ID password at a regular interval is recommended. Learn how to change web ID password in DreamHost panel.

DreamHost VS HostGator VS BlueHost

Many people would like to see the comparison between major hosting providers. DreamHost, HostGator and BlueHost are three major webhosting companies. In this article, I have compare all there hosting providers. So you can choose the best one.

How to Create a Website?

Many people want to create a website now a day. If you want to create a website but don’t have technical knowledge then this article is for you. I have explained in simple terms what you will need to create a website and how a non-technical person have a website.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

DreamHost offers two types of wordpress hosting. One is simple wordpress hosting which is offered by one-click installs facility. Another is specially wordpress optimized hosting which is called DreamPress2. Learn more details about DreamPress2.