DreamHost Joomla

Joomla is unique content management system. It is open source and free to you. There are currently millions of user who uses joomla to create their website. Joomla is easy-to-use and you can easily extend its functionality. Since it is open source, every one can modify it the way they like it. With joomla, you can create corporate websites, intranets, extranets,    publishing websites like magazines and newspapers, ecommerce websites and online applications.


Benefits of Using Joomla

There are many benefits of using joomla. Here are some of them.

1) As of writing this, Joomla supports almost over 65 languages. The multilingual support is implemented in core functionality of joomla.

2) You will get the proper support with joomla community. There is a whole range of members who are ready to help you in the forum. There are even joomla professional across the world who can help you in creating your joomla project.

3) Updation of the software is very easy in joomla. You can upgrade the joomla with just one click.

4) You get the media manager with the Joomla. With media manager, you can integrate the media files directly from article editor. You can also manage media files and folders.

5) You also get contact manage with joomla core functionality. With contact manager, you can manage your contacts, sort them in to category and add images to the contact.

6) Joomla offers built in search functionality. Using builtin search a visitor on the site can easily find the information needed.

7) You can directly edit the pages from the fronend. You don’t need to login to administration section.

8) Along with the core functionality, you can extend the functionality of the site by adding extensions. Joomla currently have 7500 extensions avilable.

There are many more features which you will find after using the Joomla.

Install Joomla On DreamHost

If you have a hosting account at DreamHost and want to install Joomla on it then you are lucky. You can easily install joomla with one-click install features. You need to follow these steps in order to install joomla on your DreamHost server.

1) First login to DreamHost panel with your username and password. Then click on Goodies. You will see new options. Then click on One-Click installs link.

DreamHost One-Click Installs

2) Here you will see a list of all available applications. Click on Joomla icon.

DreamHost Joomla

3) You will see the custom pop up.

DreamHost Joomla custom Install

4) Here you need to select the domain name where you want to install joomla. You can install joomla to sub folder also. If you want to install joomla under root directory then leave the sub folder page empty. In the database option, keep the default option selected. DreamHost will automatically create the database for you.

5) Finally, Click on “Install if for me now!” button.

6) You will see the success message when the installation is successfully completed.

DreamHost joomla Success Message

7) When DreamHost finishes, uploading of joomla file on the web server, you will get an email from the DreamHost. In the email, you will get instructions on what to do next.  Just follow the instructions given in the email and you will have joomla setup ready.

DreamHost Joomla Email

Upgrade Joomla to A New Version

Although Joomla offers easy upgrade option, DreamHost also has a facility to upgrade the joomla. DreamHost offers three types of option for the upgradation. You can either set auto upgrade or you can chose to do nothing or you can choose to get only notification when update is available. After getting notification, you can manually upgrade the joomla.

To setup the upgrade option, first go to DreamHost one-click installs facility. Then click on Manage Installed Applications. There click on the domain where you have installed joomla. You will find the upgrade options there. Select the option which you like.

So now you have a full understanding on how to install joomla. You can also upgrade joomla. I hope this article will help you in setting up joomla on your website.