DreamHost MediaWiki

MediaWiki is free and open source platform. MediaWiki is developed in PHP and it was designed to to be used by WikiPedia. Now its usage is not limited to WikiPedia. There are many other websites which are using MediaWiki as a wiki platform. MediaWiki is also used by other non-profit Wikimedia Foundation projects.


Features of MediaWiki

Here are some of the features of MediaWiki.

  • MediaWiki is designed to handle a large website which gets millions of hits per day. MediaWiki is powerful, easy to use, scalable and written in PHP language. It uses the MySQL database to store the information.
  • When a user edit the page in MediaWiki, the changes are saved to MySQL database. Here the changes are not over write but the previous version of the page stays intact. So incase, if you decided to reverse to the previous version due to spamming of any other reason then you can do so without any issue.
  • MediaWiki can store images and videos on the file system. Whenever needed, you can access the images. MediaWiki also supports the caching functionality. So even with the large user base, you will not have any trouble in performance.
  • Since MediaWiki uses the wikitext format, anyone who doesn’t have proper knowledge of XHTML or CSS can easily edit the pages. Thus, MediaWiki is user friendly.

How To Install MediaWiki?

MediaWiki offers very easy installation. If you have a DreamHost account then it is just a play of one click to install mediawiki. Using DreamHost One-Click Installs, you can install MediaWiki on your website. Here are the instructions which you need to follow in order to install MediaWiki at DreamHost.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your email ID and password. Click on Goodies in the left side panel. Then again click on One-Click Installs.

DreamHost One Click Installs

2) Click on the MediaWiki icon.

DreamHost MediaWiki

3) A new pop up will be visible to you.  Here select the domain where you want to install MediaWiki. Give the directory name if you want install it under sub directory. Leave the database default option selected. If you want you can select custom database of your choice.

[DreamHost MediaWiki URL]

4) Now click on the Install it for me now! Button and DreamHost will automatically install MediaWiki.

MediaWiki installation Success

5) When the installation is finished, you will get success email from DreamHost. Follow the instructions given in the email and your setup will be completed.

MediaWiki Email

MediaWiki is now successfully installed on your domain.

Upgrade MediaWiki

When installation is finished, you can see it in the installed apps list in One-Click Installs section.

1) Go to One-Click Installs.

2) Click on “Manage Installed Applications” button. You will see that your MediaWiki installation is listed there.

3) You need to click on the domain name where MediaWiki is installed.

4) If the update is available then you will see upgrade button. DreamHost actually automatically upgrade the application when upgrade is available.

5) If you don’t want DreamHost to upgrade automatically then you can turn it off.

I hope you now have full understanding on how to install and upgrade MediaWiki.