DreamHost MODX Evolution

MODX is flexible and open source content management system. It is also free to use. MODX is only one of its type of CMS platform. It is easy to use. Creative developers will find it very useful because using MODX one can create the site they want it without any restrictions. There is no restriction imposed on design side.


Two Versions of MODX Platforms

Modx currently have two different versions. One is MODX evolution and the other is MODX revolution.

Almost around 11 years ago when MODX released its first CMS platform, it was named as MODX evolution. MODX evolution was made using the latest technologies at that time. Even today the software is kept update with the latest technology.

MODX evolution was made in HTML and CSS3. Please not that we are talking about 11 years ago. One could easily make the mobile friendly or say, responsive website at that time when nobody really knew about mobile friendly site.

When the time demanded, MODX team again rewrote the code from scratch to stay up to date with the newer technologies. This time, MODX team released the version as MODX revolution.

Even with the introduction of MODX revolution, the development of MODX evolution is still there. The MODX team is still updating the MODX evolution.

Usage of MODX platform

You can install the self hosted version of MODX evolution or MODX revolution on your website. You can try the software. If you don’t have a web hosting then you can even try MODX hosting. You can try it for free before you get your own hosting and install MODX on it. MODX hosting is called MODX cloud. The trial is free and they give 21 days before you decide to stay with them.

Anyway, If you have your own hosting then no need to go with MODX cloud hosting. Let’s see how to install MODX evolution on a hosting account.

Installation of MODX Evolution

DreamHost offers an easy way to install MODX evolution. You can also install MODX revolution on DreamHost but DreamHost doesn’t offer that through one-click installs. You will have to do it manually while you can easily install MODX evolution without any problem. Follow this guide.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using your username and password.

2) Then click on Goodies section. You will see one-click installs link. Click on it.

DreamHost One-Click Installs

3) Now click on MODX evolution icon. You will see the popup box.

DreamHost MODX

4) Here you need to select the URL where you want to install MODX evolution. You can enter the sub directory name if you want to install it under sub directory otherwise leave it blank. Keep the default database option selected. Click on “Install it for me now!” button.

DreamHost MODX Install

5) You will see success message like following. DreamHost has now successfully uploaded the files on the server and created a database.

DreamHost MODX Success

6) Finally, check your email. You will have email from DreamHost. You need to follow the instructions given in the email to finish the installation. Once you finish the task given, you will have MODX platform ready on your website.

DreamHost MODX EMail

So would you like to try MODX evolution on your DreamHost server now? Just go ahead and install it on your server.