DreamHost Multifactor Authentication

DreamHost offers the best hosting service. There is no doubt about it. There is no other competitor which can come close to it. This time, DreamHost has come up with a new security feature.

Each web hosting provider wants to secure the data of its hosted websites and its customers. When a hosting provider is very famous then it is even more difficult to secure the data. DreamHost is very well know hosting and a target for hackers.

It has been seen and experience that many times customer’s account is hacked not because of DreamHost’s mistake but it is hacked because of customer’s mistake. Along with technology, hackers are also becoming advance in their hacking skills. If somehow, a hacker finds the password of customer’s panel then it is a disaster for the customer. Nobody can help you in that situation, not even DreamHost.

DreamHost has now come up with the new feature called, multifactor authentication. Multifactor authentication makes your account very secure.

Multifactor Authentication

In multifactor authentication, your identity is verified in two steps. In the first step, you provide your username and password for the authentication. Then in the next step, you will have to enter the secure code. This secure code is changed every time you try to login.

Each individual company has different policy for generating secure code. Some companies use SMS to send the secure code. Since only you have the access to your mobile phone, hackers can’t get the secure code. They might have your password but they don’t have your secure code. So they can’t login to your account.

Google uses one app developed by Google. The app name is Google Authenticator. You will have to install Google authenticator to use multifactor authentication on DreamHost. DreamHost authentication works only on smart phones. So if you don’t have android devices, iPhone or BlackBerry devices then you can’t use it.

How to Enable Multifactor Authentication?

Here I am going to show you how to enable multifactor authentication on DreamHost. You need to follow this simple process. Since I am using android device, this process displays steps for android device. Steps are almost same for other supported devices also.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your web ID and password.

2) Click on Billing & Account section. Then click on Security link.

3) On this page, there is an option for multifactor authentication. You will see the message saying that multifactor authentication is currently disabled.

DreamHost Multifactor Authentication

4) In the multifactor authentication section, enter you current password. There are three types of authentication. Leave the default option as it is. Then click on “Get Started” button.

5) You will see the following screen.

Multifactor Authentication Scan

6) Now you will have to perform few steps in the mobile phone. First download, Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store.

7) Open Google authenticator app. Click on add account button.

Click on Begin button.

Multifactor Auth Gmail

8) Here you will get two options. Either scan a barcode or enter a provided key. We will use the second one and enter the key. We will use the second option. Enter the account name DreamHost. Enter the key which you get from your DreamHost panel. Then click on Add button.

Auth Add Auth Manual

9) You will get the 6 digit code which you will have to enter on the DreamHost mobile page. You can see that the code is changing every few seconds.

DreamHost Auth Account

DreamHost Multifactor Auth Code

10) If everything is proper then you will get the success message. You will also get 5 onetime usable codes. Please take a backup of these codes as these will grant you access in case you lose the mobile phone.

DreamHost Multifactor Auth Success

Now you have successfully enabled multifactor authentication. You will have to get code from your mobile phone every time, you want to login to DreamHost.

DreamHost Multifactor Auth Login

What Happens if You Lose Access to Secure Code?

You might be thinking that what happens if you lose the access to your secure code? Will you be able to login to the DreamHost panel?

Yes, if you have back codes stored. If there is no backup code stored then you are stuck.

Once it happened that somehow I reset my phone to factory reset. So I lost the access to Google authenticator which was installed on my phone. So I was not able to login to DreamHost account.

Then I contacted DreamHost support team at https://www.dreamhost.com/support/ and asked them to disable Google multifactor authentication.

After few hours, I got verification email. DreamHost support team wanted me to verify my identity. They asked me to provide my full name, billing address, answer to secret question and the information regarding last payment made.

When all my information matched, they disabled multifactor authentication on my account. Then only I was able to login to my DreamHost panel.