DreamHost Omeka

Omeka is free CMS platform. You can use omeka for web publishing. Omeka is an open source program. So you can modify it as you wish. Although I doubt that you will need to modify the coding of omeka. Omeka offers necessary features for publishing the data.


Features offered by Omeka

There are many features provided in omeka CMS platform. Here is a list of some of the features.

1) Omeka is used for serious web publishing. That means you can use omeka for digital exhibition, library archives and musiams.

2) Omeka offers flexible design without compromising the quality of the website. There are many themes available which you can use according to your purpose.

3) Since omeka is flexible, it offers many plugins to increase the functionality of the websites. You can add plugins to display the maps, to collect data from users and to allow users to blog and tag on the website.

4) It is very easy to install the omeka. You can install it with just few clicks.

5) Omeka is made in such a way that even non-IT people can easily manage it. Since the user don’t have to worry about the programming and complexity of customization, user can focus on the content which is the base for making any website.

6) You can even manage omeka from your mobile device where the internet connection is available.

7) If you need any help then the detailed documentation is available. The documentation contains step by step tutorials with screencasts.

8) There is also a forum and developer discussion list available for advance users.

9) Omeka can support large archives of metadata and files. You can add almost over 100,000 items in the website. The only condition is that your server hardware should be strong enough to support large entries.

10) Omeka is supported by all kind of different browsers. All the themes included in omeka are ADA compliant.

11) Advance search facility is also included in the omeka for your visitors. So it allows any visitor to simply search with a keyword.

There are many more features included in Omeka. Just use it to know it.

Installing Omeka on DreamHost

As always, DreamHost offers an easy way to install the omeka software. You can install omeka with just few clicks on your DreamHost hosted website. Follow these steps to install omeka on DreamHost.

1) Login to DreamHost control panel using your Web ID and password.

2) Click on Goodies section. You will see new options. Click on One-Click Installs link.

3) You will see a list of available open source platform for installation on this page.

DreamHost one click installs

4) Next click on Omeka icon. You will see the pop up.

DreamHost Omeka

5) Here enter the URL where you want to install Omeka. Select the domain and enter the directory path. If you want to install it under root directory of the domain then leave the sub directory part blank. Then keep the default database option selected. Click on “Install it for me now!” button.

DreamHost Omeka Custom Install

6) When you see the success message like following, understand that your install of files and creation of database is finished. Now you will get one email from DreamHost.

DreamHost Omeka Success Message

7) Check the email sent by DreamHost and follow the instructions given.

DreamHost Omeka Email

Now you got the understanding of how to install omeka on DreamHost. Install it and use it for your digital exhibition.