DreamHost One-Click Installs

DreamHost is very much focused on keeping its customers happy. DreamHost always comes up with the new thing which really makes the life of the customer very easy.

DreamHost has a feature called one-click installs which used to install many open source applications on the websites. As the name suggests, you can install many open source applications using one-click installs with just one click.

DreamHost is using its own control panel. Since the panel is developed by DreamHost itself, they can offer whatever they want. Also they can make the interface even easier. Most of other hosting providers use third party softwares. If a hosting provider is using cPanel as the control panel then they either use Fantastico or QuickInstall for installing third party open source applications.

How to Access One Click Install?

DreamHost control panel is very user friendly. If you just browse around in the control panel then you will find the option of one-click install. You don’t need any instruction from anybody to find the one-click installs. Anyway, I am still going to guide you. After login, click on Goodies in the left side navigation panel. A set of new options will be visible. There you will find One-Click Installs link. Click on it and you will see the page like following.

DreamHost OneClick Installs

Which Applications Available Through One Click Installs?

As of writing this, DreamHost currently offers 18 open source applications. DreamHost used to offer much more applications for the installation through One-Click Installs. I don’t know why but DreamHost has stopped offering many open source applications. I think the reason is that not all applications are updated regularly. So it is very hard to keep them up as the new PHP version is introduced.

These are the applications which are offered.

  • MediaWiki
  • WordPress
  • Concrete5
  • dotProject
  • GetSimple CMS
  • Joomla!
  • MICO
  • MODx Evolution
  • Omeka
  • Open Web Analytics
  • OpenVBX
  • phpBB
  • Piwigo
  • Pligg
  • Textpattern CMS
  • WebCalendar
  • XODA
  • Zen Cart

What You Can Do With One Click Installs?

You can install any application from the given list with just one click. This makes the life easier as you don’t have to do the manual installation. You can also keep the software up to date with the latest version. You can upgrade or remove the software using one-click installs feature.

Security is a big concern now a day. If your software version is older and there is some breach which is public then you are vulnerable to hacker’s attack. You can use DreamHost’s one-click installs facility to upgrade your software version to the latest one.

You can also set the upgrade on automation. Whenever a newer version of the platform is available, DreamHost will upgrade it and you will get an email after upgradation.

One Click Installs For Developers

DreamHost is the company which keeps the developers happy. So DreamHost had an option where developers can submit their application and if it is up to the standard then DreamHost would include it in the one-click install setup.

Currently, DreamHost has stopped taking new applications entries. I think DreamHost stopped taking new software entries due to update issues. If application is not updated then it is a security threat. No hosting provider will allow that.

Now I think you know, how to use one-click installs feature. Enjoy easy installation of many applications.