DreamHost Page Speed

If you are internet savvy then you know how boring it is to browse slow websites. Nobody like to browse slow websites. Especially with the superfast internet speed, if your website loads slowly then the visitor will leave it immediately. There are many alternatives of your site in the world.

Also if you are in the online industry the you know how important it is to do the SEO for the website promotion. Almost about 5 years ago, Google declared that it will consider the page speed as one of the factor in ranking algorithm. This makes it compulsory for you to increase the speed of the web pages.

There are many ways to increase the pagespeed. First way is to get the high performance webhosting service. Use the hosting provider which uses SSDs on their servers. SSDs improve the site performance by almost 200%. Another way is to keep the website coding optimized for performance. This requires a lot of code editing and compressing and optimizing images also.

Apache Module for Page Speed

Optimizing the website codes, optimizing an images is a complex work. Google know that not all the webmasters are going to do that. So they released the pagespeed module for web servers. This page speed module does all the complex work of optimizing coding and caching and compressing the files and images. The page speed module for apache server is mod_pagespeed. Once your site runs on the server where pagespeed module is enabled, you will get better performance.

DreamHost was the first one to offer the page speed module as an option to their customer. DreamHost offered and option to enable or disable page speed with just one click. If you are on DreamHost then you can easily enable mod_pagespeed module and improve your website performance.

Enable Page Speed In DreamHost

If you want to use the apache page speed module for your website at DreamHost then you will have to follow these steps.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using your webID and password.

2) Click on Domains section. You will see new options. There click on Manage Domains link.

3) You will see the list of hosted websites.

DreamHost page speed domains list

4) Click on the edit button next to domain for which you want to enable page speed module.

5) On this page, check the option which says, “Page Speed Optimization”.

DreamHost page speed option

6) Finally click on change setting button.

Now the page speed module will be enabled for you.

Things to Note

Here are few important instructions which you need to keep in mind.

1) Page speed module will work only for fully hosted domains. It doesn’t work for redirected, mirrored, parked or cloaked domains.

2) If something goes wrong and if your site doesn’t work properly after enabling page speed module then you can disable page speed module. Since page speed module doesn’t touch the original data, there are no changes in the website data.

3) Make sure to check all the pages after enabling page speed module.

Now start using page speed module and enjoy faster website.

Note: DreamHost somehow removed the page speed feature. I don’t know why but now you can’t use the page speed module on DreamHost shared hosting. If you want then you can use it on DreamHost dedicated hosting.