DreamHost Panel

The number one reason, I like DreamHost most, is because of their custom panel. DreamHost is not using widely used cPanel for their hosting account management. DreamHost has developed their own control panel to do all the hosting account related tasks. The DreamHost panel is really easy to use and one point of contact for doing any hosting related work on your account.

In this article, I am going to show you how DreamHost panel works and what things can you do using DreamHost panel. After many years, DreamHost has changed options in their control panel. We are going to see all the options.

First Login to DreamHost Panel

DreamHost has also changed the front page of DreamHost panel Login after so many years. The login page looks something like following.

DreamHost Panel Login

When you sign up with the DreamHost, you are asked to enter the email ID and a password to create an account. You need to use the same email ID and password for logging in to the panel.

Sometimes when you sign up with DreamHost, DreamHost may keep your account in inactive state for fraud reason. In that case, you may see a big notice saying “Your account is pending!” in red background on top of the page after login to the panel. Also only few options are active for those kinds of accounts.

DreamHost Panel Pending Account

You don’t have to worry if you see a pending account notice. Just contact the DreamHost support team and they will activate your account. After your account has been active, you will see that many more options have been enabled in your panel.

DreamHost Panel Active Account

Inside View of DreamHost Panel

When you login to the panel, in the center of the Dashboard, you will see announcements from DreamHost. If DreamHost releases any new product then you will see the alert here.

DreamHost Panel Dashboard

On the top left part, there is toolbox. In the toolbox, you will find mostly used tasks list. By default, you will see manage account, manage domains, manage email, manage users, MySQL databases and One-click Install links. You can change this links as well as you can change the sequence of links. It is just a drag and drop thing.

DreamHost Panel Toolbox

On the bottom left corner, you will see DreamHost panel navigation. It is called a main menu. You can access all things related to your account from here. From this navigation links, you can manage domains related tasks, email related tasks, goodies, VPS server related tasks, dedicated servers related tasks, cloud services, users accounts, billing and account related tasks and support.

DreamHost Panel Main Menu

On the right side of the dashboard, you will find quick links. Ultimately, quick links are same as toolbox links. The only difference is that you can’t change the quick links or modify the sequence of the quick links.

DreamHost Panel QuickLinks

Also on the right hand side, you will see Account Status links. If your account is in pending status then you can’t see Account Status link. When you click on Account Status link, a big box appears containing all the information related to your accounts and servers.

DreamHost Panel Account Status

This is just the simple overview of the DreamHost panel. To find out, how to perform different hosting related tasks, you need to read other articles on this web site. Please browse through other articles of this web site.