DreamHost Pligg

Pligg is free and open source CMS platform. If you are in online world then you know that there are many CMS platforms available. Each CMS platform has its own functionality. Each one is developed for different purpose. Such one CMS platform is pligg. Pligg is designed to make a site like Reddit and Digg.


Important Features Of Pligg

Pligg offers many important features to create a web 2.0 like website. Here is a list of some features provided by Pligg.

1) Pligg lets the user submit the content or article. Visitors also get an option to vote articles and comment on the submitted entry. The highest voted and commented entries are pushed up on the website offering visitors related content.

2) Pligg also offers individual profile pages for each member. There is also a facility to create groups, to comment and bookmark the links.

3) Pligg is an open source platform. So anybody with the knowledge of coding can edit it and modify it.

4) Pligg offers multiple language support. It currently supports 9 different language.

5) Pligg is flexible platform. It not only used to create sites like reddit and dig but you can also create a sites like Quora, StackOverflow or a twitter.

6) Since Pligg is an open source and free application, it runs on LAMP setup. LAMP means Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Any shared hosting server, providing LAMP setup can run Pligg.

7) There are many modules and templates available in the download section. You can use those to enhance the website.

8) Pligg is search engine friendly. You don’t need to do extra efforts to do the SEO. Search engines can easily crawl all the pages of the website.

9) You can use pligg’s admin interface to manage users, groups and permissions.

10) Pligg supports the RSS feed. Visitors can stay up to date with the subscription of RSS feed.

Pligg offers some amazing features which you will come to know when you start using it.

Install Pligg on DreamHost

DreamHost offers one-click installs facility using which one can easily install many open source applications. Pligg is also supported by one-click installs facility. Use these steps in order to install pligg on DreamHost hosted websites.

1) Login to DreamHost control panel using your username and password.

2) Click on Goodies section which you will find in the left side navigation panel. You will see one-click installs link. Click on it.

DreamHost One Click Installs

3) Here you will see available open source applications.

4) Click on the Pligg icon.

Pligg CMS

5) You will see the pop up. Select the domain name where you want to install the Pligg. Enter the directory name if you want to install it under sub directory. Click on “Install it for me now!” button.

DreamHost Pligg URL

6) Once the files are uploaded, you will see success message like the following.

Pligg Success Message

7) You will also get an email from the DreamHost. You will need to follow the instructions given in there. Then pligg will be installed on your server.

Now you have successfully installed the pligg on the website. Create your own first social website.