DreamHost Renew Domain

DreamHost is the ultimate hosting provider out there. There no doubt about this. DreamHost offers the best hosting solution. Do you know that DreamHost is also a domain name registrar? Yes, you can register a domain name through DreamHost.

Well, you can register a domain name at every web hosting provider but those are not domain name registrar. They use third party service to offer the registration process. DreamHost is ICANN approved domain name registrar. You can register almost more than 350 TLDs. You can register a choice of your domain from the given TLDs.

When you register a domain name at the DreamHost, you will get an option to auto renew it or get notification when the domain is about to expire. If you have selected auto renew option then there is no issue but that requires you to set the credit card details in payment page. If you haven’t set auto renew option then you will get notification almost one month before the expiration of the domain name. In this article, I will show you how to renew the domain name at DreamHost.

Domain Renew Video

If you are like me then you would prefer to watch the video. Please watch the following video to understand the domain renewal process.

Email Notification

As I have shown you, you will get the notice of renewal almost before a month of the expiry date. From then you will continue getting notice every week. If you renew the domain or choose let it expire option then you won’t get renewal notification. In this demo, I will show you how I have renewed dreamvideotutorial.com. This domain I purchased to show the demo in my video tutorials. Here is the screenshot of notice.

DreamHost Email Notice

Procedure To Renew a Domain

When you get a notification for renewal in email, you get full instructions on how to renew the domain. Click on the link provided in the email to renew the domain. You will see a list of domains registered through DreamHost.

Alternatively, you can reach to domain registration page from the control panel. Click on Domains section in the left side then click on Registrations.

Domain Registrations List

Now find the domain which you want to renew. As of writing this article, you can renew the domain either for 1 year or for 2 years. Select the time duration for which you want to renew the domain. By default, 1 year is selected.

Now click on the “Renew” button for the domain for which you want to renew the domain name. Now a confirmation pop up will come up. Just click on OK button.

Then you will be redirected to the payment page. You can pay money via credit card or debit card or via check or money order. You can also use the rewards money if you have any in your account. You can also pay via gift card if someone has given you a gift certificate. Pay the money by your preferred payment method.

In this demo, I am going to pay the money by my rewards account.

DreamHost Domain Payment Renewal

When the successful payment is made, you will see a success message like following.

DreamHost Domain Renewal Success

You will get an email from DreamHost when the renewal is successful. If you don’t get an email after few hours then you can contact support team and they will do the needful

I hope you like this article. Now go ahead and renew the domain name.