DreamHost Review

Before I start writing anything about DreamHost, let me tell you that I am a customer of DreamHost and I have been with DreamHost for the past 8 years. I have seen a lot of changes take place at DreamHost. I am not going to tell that you should sign up with DreamHost or not, I am just going to write my experience with DreamHost till date. Then you will have to decide whether you should go with DreamHost or not.

DreamHost Hosting Company

Today, DreamHost is a very big name in the online industry. Particularly, If you want to host a web site then there is a 99% chance that you have heard of DreamHost. That was not the case when I joined.

DreamHost New Look

DreamHost now offers a wide range of services. When I joined DreamHost, the company was offering only shared hosting plans. Now along with shared hosting, DreamHost also offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicated hosting.  Not only that, DreamHost also offers managed wordpress hosting which is optimized for wordpress. DreamHost is recommended by wordpress community.

DreamHost also offers cloud solutions. The company offers two types of cloud services. One is cloud computing and the other is cloud storage.

How I Found DreamHost?

DreamHost is not the first company which I signed up with. When I started in online industry, I didn’t know much. I even didn’t know that I should search for a review before purchasing anything online.

I just wanted to start an online business. At that time, some fellow offered me to make a free website if I signed with his suggested web hosting provider. This fellow was trapping me to sign up with the web hosting company which was giving him highest commission. I didn’t know anything about that. So I just signed up with the suggested hosting company.

Although I was trapped, I signed up for monthly plan. I didn’t selected yearly plan. Signing up for the monthly plan was a good decision taken by me. I had really bad experience and had a major downtime in the first month itself. So I stopped the payment for the next month and started searching for another hosting company.

My background is from technology. So I wanted to have SSH access of my server. The first hosting provider didn’t offer SSH access. Back in those days, not many web hosting providers were offering SSH access. So I started searching for the web hosting company which gives SSH access.  I found the DreamHost.

This is how DreamHost home page looked back then.

DreamHost Old Page

I also found a coupon which gave me $96 discount on yearly plan. If I use that coupon then I had to pay only $23.40 for the first year of hosting. I immediately signed up for the DreamHost using that coupon code.

First Impression

After signing up with the DreamHost and after the successful payment, I got my account details email in just 5 minutes.  From the beginning DreamHost is using the custom panel. So when I first signed up in my account, I was impressed.

I immediately checked all the options in the panel. The panel was really easy to use and user friendly. The first operation I performed in the panel was to register a domain name. I didn’t register a domain name at the time of sign up. I used the free subdomain of dreamhosters.com domain at the time of sign up.

The next thing I performed was to install wordpress for the domain which I registered. I could easily perform those two tasks because the DreamHost panel is user friendly.

I was also very much impressed by the transparency of DreamHost. From the beginning DreamHost is running a blog of DreamHost Status where you can find out any outage information. At that time, no other hosting provider was offering this facility.


Previously, DreamHost wasn’t offering the chat support. If you wanted to contact the support staff then you had to contact them through the email only.

The first time, I contacted DreamHost support team was for the free domain registration. I had a misunderstanding that DreamHost gives 2 free domain registrations. I didn’t know how that came to my mind but I contacted support when I was unable to register the second domain name freely.

I got the response within 3 hours. That’s really a quick response. I was impressed with the support also.


Regarding uptime, I didn’t have to contact support team due to downtime in my first year of service. I am not saying that the downtime didn’t happen in the entire year but the downtime was not major enough.

Downtime is unavoidable thing for any hosting provider and you might have to be ready for few minutes of downtime per month. Although you will get 100% uptime in few months but still, be ready for few minutes of downtime. I have full article on DreamHost uptime. Just go through it to find out more information about DreamHost uptime.


I am not going to conclude anything. I have just written my experience with DreamHost. I’ll finish this article by saying that I am happy with the DreamHost even after 8 years.