DreamHost SSL

You can make the website secure by using SSL certificate. When a website is using SSL certificate, it will communicate with its visitor over a secure channel. This communication is encrypted. So nobody can hack the data from the communication channel.

DreamHost offers secure webhosting. There are many ways in DreamHost for generating the SSL certificate. In this article, I will show you how to use unsigned certificate with DreamHost. I will also show you how you can use Let’s Encrypt free certificate on DreamHost hosted website.

Enable Secure Hosting in DreamHost

It is very easy to set secure hosting in DreamHost. DreamHost always simplify the work. Previously DreamHost needed unique IP address to set the secure hosting on the website hosted with shared hosting. Recently DreamHost has changed it and it doesn’t require any unique IP address on shared hosting for setting secure SSL certificate. In this example, I am going to enable the secure hosting for dreamvideotutorial.com. Follow these steps and you will have SSL certificate integrated with your website.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using web ID and password.

2) In the left side panel, click on Domains section. Then click on Secure Hosting button.

3) On this page, you will see a list of domain name for which secure hosting is enabled. You can see that I have enabled secure hosting for this website using comodo certificate.

4) To add the self-signed certificate for another domain, click on Add button next to Self-Signed SSL box.

Free SSL Certificate

5) Next select the domain name for which you want to set self-signed certificate. I will select dreamvideotutorial.com.  You don’t need to use the unique IP address, so just leave that part. Click on Add Now button.

Free SSL Certificate

6) You will see the following success message.

Free SSL Certificate

Within few minutes, secure hosting will be enabled for your domain name. Check your website with https and make sure the setting is working properly.

Problem With Unsigned Secure Certificate

Is unsigned secure any less secure? You might be wondering this question. Let me take you near the truth. The unsigned certificate is as much secure as the signed certificate. It is just that unsigned certificates are not compatible with browsers. So whenever someone visits a site, the user will get SSL certificate error like following.

Free SSL Certificate

If any visitor sees the above error then it is very likely that the visitor will leave your website. It takes a lot of efforts and if visitor leaves without any interaction with the website then it’s very disappointed.

If you want to ignore this error then you can use the secure SSL certificate signed by approved certificate authority(CA). When browsers see signed certificate, they never give the error. Signed certificates usually costs the money. DreamHost offers comodo signed certificate which costs $15 per year for a domain.

There is another free solution to self-signed certificate. There is a project called Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt offer free signed SSL certificate with less functionality. The certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt is compatible with most of the browsers and you won’t get any error for that. If you want to use the certificate for your ecommerce website or payment gateway then I would suggest you to get paid certificate.

Free SSL Certificate By Let’s Encrypt

If you want to use the SSL certificate provided by Let’s Encrypt then you will have to first remove self-signed certificate from the domain. If you haven’t enabled self signed certificate then you can ignore this section.

1) Click on the Settings button next to the domain dreamvideotutorial.com .

2) Then click on the link “Remov SSL certificate from dreamvideotutorial.com”.

3) You will be asked for the confirmation.

4) Select the checkbox which says, “Yes, I’m sure” then click on Remove Secure Hosting.

Now you will see the success message for the removal of the SSL certificate from the domain name.

Next start the procedure for enabling Let’s Encrypt certificate. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1) First go to Secure Hosting page in the control panel.

2) Click on Add Button next to the Let’s Encrypt SSL section.

Free SSL Certificate

3) Now select the domain on which you want the SSL certificate. In our case it is, dreamvideotutorial.com. Check the checkbox of Let’s Encrypt Term of Service. Then click on Add Now button.

Free SSL Certificate

4) You will see the following success message.

Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

After few minutes, Let’s encrypt SSL certificate will be enabled on your domain name. Now visit the site with https and you will not get the certificate error.

I hope you enjoyed article on free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.