DreamHost SSH

Full form of SSH is Secure SHell. SSH creates a secure channel to communicate between client and server. Using SSH, you can connect to the server directly. You can work on the server using SSH. When you are connecting to the server from your system, it is necessary that the communication happens in secure way.

Before SSH comes in to play, people were using telnet to connect to the server. Telnet uses simple plain text format. Also the communication between client and server using plain text is not encrypted. So anyone can see the username and password of the server. To fix this issue, SSH was developed.

Since SSH uses the data in encrypted format, all the communication between server and client is protected. If someone breach the data in between then also they won’t be able to decrypt it.

How is SSH Prompt?

SSH is a protocol. SSH is also a command in Linux system. SSH command uses SSH protocol. When you connect to the server using SSH command, you will get the black terminal shown in the following image.

SSH terminal

On this terminal, you can run different commands. All these commands run on the server. You will have learn basic commands of server. Then you can run those commands using SSH.

How To Enable SSH in DreamHost?

After the sign up process finish, you will get email from DreamHost. In that email, you will get one account. This account is FTP only account. DreamHost keeps SSH disabled. If you want to use SSH then you will have to first enable it on the DreamHost account. To enable SSH account, follow these steps.

1) First login to DreamHost panel using your username and password.

2) In the left side navigation panel, click on Users then click on Manage Users.

3) Now click on the Edit button beside the username for which you want to enable SSH.

DreamHost SSH Edit

4) Under User Type option, select the Shell user option.

Enable Shell User

5) Finally, click on save changes button.

That’s it. After sometime, SSH will be enabled for your selected user.

Benefits of Using SSH

If you are new to web hosting then you don’t need to use SSH. In the beginning, you will have to only upload and download files to and from the server. For doing so, you can use FTP account. SSH is used to perform some advance tasks. Also for using SSH, you will have to learn basic Linux commands. You can perform following tasks using SSH.

1) You can edit the file directly on server using SSH. Traditional way of editing file is, to download the file on your computer, make the changes and upload it again. If there is small modification you need to make in the file then you can do so using SSH. That is the quicker way. For the large modification of file, ofcourse this is not the suitable way.

2) You can make changes in .htaccess file and check the effects immediately. You can setup 301 or 302 redirects using .htaccess file.

3) You can view the raw log files from SSH. This will help you to quickly analyze the visitors data.

4) You can setup an automation using crontab command in SSH.

5) You can also transfer the files to and from the server using SSH. You will need the scp support for that.

6) Using SSH, you can perform same operation on multiple files using single command. That will save time. For example, if you want to change the timestamp of the file then you can do so.

There are more usage of SSH but these are the regular ones. If you start using SSH then slowly you will learn more details on it.

I think this much information is enough for SSH.