DreamHost Textpattern

Textpattern is a free open source software. It is a content management system. Like any other CMS, Textpattern also has its own advantages. Textpattern is so much easy to use. You don’t need to have a technical knowledge for managing textpattern CMS. Above all, textpattern is stable, secure, robust and reliable platform.


Advantages of Using TextPattern

Textpattern offers many advantages. Here I am giving a list of some of the advantages.

1) Textpattern is made for publishers, designers and developers. Publishers can start publishing a content in few minutes, designers can make the site the way they like it and developers can create a quick websites.

2) Textpattern offers direct and easy to follow interface. You can manage the files and images directly from the browser.

3) You can also convert the simple text in to valid XHTML with textile. Textile is a syntax used in Textpattern.

4) You can password protect the articles on textpattern. You can also change the date and time stamp of the article.

5) You can create any type of website using textpattern. You can create a blog or even create a static website, small website or a corportate website using textpattern.

6) Textpatter is secure and stable. It has a strong anti-spam comment filter. The textpatter is througly tested by community members before its release.

7) Textpatter is SEO friendly. You can create human readable URL in textpattern.

8) Textpattern is a multilingual CMS platfom. Currently, textpattern is supported in 40 lanugages.

9) You can extend the functionality of textpatter by plugins. Hundreds of plugins and templates avilable for you to use.

Textpattern Installation Requirements

Let’s check what it requires to install textpattern. Latest version of textpattern requires PHP and MySQL. You will also need mysqli, SimpleXML and JSON extension in PHP.

Mbstring and Zlib extensions of PHP are also recommended. You can install use apache web server for installing textpattern. Textpattern works with IIS and Lighttpd also but they are not officially supported web servers.

Install Textpattern on DreamHost

Installation of Textpattern on DreamHost is very easy. DreamHost is one of the hosting providers suggested by Textpattern official website. So DreamHost already offers the requirements which are needed to install Textpattern. Follow these steps to install textpattern on DreamHost.

1) First login to DreamHost control panel using your username and password.

2) In the left side navigation, click on Goodies section. Click on One-Click Installs link.

3) Click on CMS link in App Category Filters. After that you can see Textpattern CMS button.

DreamHost Pattern

4) Now click on Textpattern CMS icon.

DreamHost textpattern button

5) You will see the popup. Select the domain name where you want to install the textpattern. You can also give the directory name if you want to install it under sub directory.

Textpattern Install

6) Finally, click on “Install it for me now!” button.

7) After that you will see a success message like following.

Textpattern Success Message

8) When DreamHost finishes uploading of files and creation of the databases, you will get an email from DreamHost. You can follow the instruction given in the email to finalize the installation.

Textpattern Email

Now the installation process is finished completely.

Uninstall Textpattern

I am not sure why one wants to uninstall textpattern after installing it. If for any reason if you want to uninstall textpattern then here are steps.

1) Login to DreamHost panel and go to One-Click Installs section.

2) Then click on Manage Installed Applications button.

3) Click on the domain where you have installed textpattern. [dreamhost-textpattern-uninstall.jpg]

4) Next click on Delete all Files button.

Textpattern Delete Files

5) Now all the setup files will be deleted from the directory. The MySQL database is still there. It is not deleted by One-Click Installs feature. You will have to manually delete MySQL database and MySQL hostname separately.

So now you know how to install and uninstall Textpattern on DreamHost account. Try Textpattern once. I hope you will like it.