DreamHost Uptime

For any web hosting provider, uptime is a very important part. If web hosting company is not able to give a proper uptime then it will lose the client base. Getting client to your website is a lot of work. But what will happen when you get the client to your website and your site is not running. You will surely lose your business. So I would suggest you to sign up with a hosting provider who gives above 99% uptime.

DreamHost Uptime

How Uptime Is Measured?

There are many reasons downtime can happen. This downtime might affect the all clients of the hosting company or just a bunch of servers of the hosting provider or just a single server of hosting company. Downtime is unavoidable. Almost all hosting providers are ready for the downtime but the time taken to fix the downtime may vary from company to company.

If you are on shared hosting provider then you should expect a downtime. Downtime happens due to the power outage or a network problem or a hardware failure. Generally all downtimes are not severe and your site will start running in few minutes.

DreamHost Guarantee Regarding Uptime

DreamHost now offers 100% uptime guarantee. Does that mean your server will be up and running continuously 24×7? I can only dream of that. No hosting provider can give you a 100% uptime guarantee. It’s simply not possible. Downtime is unavoidable.

The Catch

If you read the terms and conditions, you will find the catch. DreamHost is not saying that downtime won’t happen. It’s just saying that there won’t be any unplanned downtime. So if DreamHost has to do any maintenance then you will be informed well in advance and that downtime isn’t counted under the guarantee.

If any unplanned downtime happens then DreamHost will compensate by giving the customer credit equivalent of 1 day hosting cost for each hour of downtime up to maximum of 10% of customer’s hosting bill. Another catch is that DreamHost assessment regarding downtime starts only when the customer opens the support ticket and inform the problem to the company.

Although I have just shown you the catch regarding 100% uptime, I would ignore it as a DreamHost customer because there is simply no other company which offers 100% uptime guarantee even with the terms and conditions.

The Response Time

When you measure the uptime, you also get the server response time. The faster your request is served, the better the service is. There is simply no other hosting company which can beat the DreamHost response time because DreamHost has now implemented Solid State Drives (SSDs) to their servers.

SSD servers are 10 times faster than HDD servers. So your page is quickly served from SSD servers.

Measure of Uptime

There are simply many companies out there who offer the uptime checking service. I also measure the uptime for the servers of DreamHost. Here is a quick data for the last 2 years.

Year Uptime Downtime Avg.
2015 99.950% 0.050% 0.026
2014 99.930% 0.070% 0.090


Year Month Uptime Downtime Avg.
2015 August 100.00% 0.000% 0.020
July 99.889% 0.111% 0.020
June 99.865% 0.135% 0.028
May 100.000% 0.000% 0.030
April 100.000% 0.000% 0.021
March 100.000% 0.000% 0.019
February 100.000% 0.000% 0.035
January 100.000% 0.000% 0.015
2014 December 99.829% 0.171% 0.015
November 99.920% 0.080% 0.039
October 99.562% 0.438% 0.045
September 99.925% 0.075% 0.066
August 100.000% 0.000% 0.013
July 100.000% 0.000% 0.022
June 99.935% 0.065% 0.110
May 99.500% 0.500% 0.045
April 99.973% 0.027% 0.060
March 100.000% 0.000% 0.020
February 100.000% 0.000% 0.051
January 100.000% 0.000% 0.030

So now you are very well aware with the DreamHost Uptime. It’s time for sign up.