DreamHost VS HostGator VS BlueHost

If you want to subscribe for the web hosting company and if you have done enough research then you must have heard three big web hosting providers: DreamHost, HostGator and BlueHost.

In this article, I am going to compere all three by performance, cost and services offered. I will compare the plans with equivalent services from all three web hosting providers. That makes the fair comparison to define the cost.

We will first check the performance and then look at the services and price.

I don’t want to read full details. Take me to the summary.

Performance Comparison

For any web hosting provider, performance is the main thing. If web hosting provider does not offer good performance then you wouldn’t like to subscribe to it. We will check the performance of the official sites of all three. The official sites are the sites which are obviously taken care by a hosting provider. How good performance a client is going get depends on the how well a company has managed the official website. Let’s measure the performance by third party service dotcom-tools .


Here is a DreamHost speed test results.

DreamHost Speed Test Results

As you can see from the result, DreamHost official website takes on an average 8.2 seconds to load from 24 different locations. For most of the places, the loading time is of 1 to 5 seconds. Only from few places, the loading time takes more than 10 seconds.


Here is a HostGator speed test results.

HostGator Speed Test Results

From the above results, it is clear that HostGator official website takes on an average 11.1 seconds to load from 24 different locations. From most places, loading time is between 3 to 7 seconds.


Here is a BlueHost speed test results.

BlueHost Speed Test Results

From the above screenshot, it is clear the BlueHost official website takes on an average 13.9 seconds to load from 24 different locations. DreamHost and HostGator offers better performance than BlueHost.

If you compare the page speed loading time, DreamHost is the clear winner.

Features and Cost Comparison

DreamHost offers only one shared hosting plan with unlimited domains hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL, FTP & SSH accounts. To make the comparison equivalent, I will compare it with HostGator baby plan and BlueHost plus plan. HostGator baby plan and BlueHost plus plan both offers the same features which are offered in DreamHost’s shared hosting plan.

Free Domain Registration

DreamHost and BlueHost both offer free domain name registration for the first year. HostGator doesn’t offer free domain registration. HostGator charges $12.95 for domain name registration.  DreamHost offers free whois privacy protection for domain name registration while HostGator charges $12.95 per year and BlueHost charges $11.88 per year for privacy protection. Privacy protection is necessary if you want to hide your ownership data from publicly available whois records. Here DreamHost is more beneficial if you will need to register a domain name.

First Year Hosting Cost

Almost all web hosting providers offer discount for the first year of hosting. In DreamHost, you can get $50 discount. In HostGator, you can get 45% off discount and in BlueHost, you can save 46% on hosting. Please remember all this discount is for hosting only and does not apply to any other add-ons.

So, at DreamHost, first year of shared hosting including domain registration and who privacy protection will cost $69.40. The same at HostGator will cost $109.30 after deducting 45% discount and the same at BlueHost will cost $95.28 after deducting 46% discount.

Domain and Hosting Renewal Cost

Let’s just assume that we stay with the same service provider from the next year also. So we need to renew the domain name and whois privacy protection and also we need to renew the hosting account.

At DreamHost, renewal for domain and whois privacy will cost $13.95 and renewal for hosting will cost $119.40. At HostGator, renewal for domain will cost $15, renewal for whois privacy protection will cost $12.95 and hosting renewal will cost $143.40. At BlueHost, renewal for domain will cost $15.99, renewal for whois privacy protection will cost $11.88 and renewal for hosting will cost $155.88.


From the above costing price, it is clear that DreamHost is the cheapest hosting provider among all three and offers best service among them. Here is a simple summary to compare all things.

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Features DreamHost HostGator BlueHost
Site Loading Time (In Seconds) 8.2 11.1 13.9
First Year Domain Registration Charges Free $12.95 Free
First Year Whois Privacy Protection Charges Free $12.95 $11.88
First Year Hosting Charges After Discount $69.40 $83.40 $83.40
First Year Discount $50 45% 46%
Domain Renewal Charges $13.95 $15 $15.99
Whois Privacy Protection Renewal Charges Free $12.95 $11.88
Hosting Renewal Charges $119.40 $143.40 $155.88