DreamHost WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) platform. WordPress can be used for many purposes. You can use wordpress for creating simple sites, blogs, ecommerce sites or a discussion forum. Millions of people are using wordpress on their website for their daily usage.


WordPress.com or WordPress.org

WordPress comes with two variations. You can download the wordpress platform and install it on your hosting provider or you can just use the wordpress service and create a web site on wordpress server.

WordPress offers a facility to host your website. You don’t have to worry about installation and maintenance of the wordpress platform. WordPress does that. You will have to concentrate on just creating content and promotion your website.

You might get confused regarding whether you should host with wordpress.com or you should go with wordpress platform. Well if you don’t want to spend a dime for creating website then you should go with wordpress.com. You get a free sub domain of wordpress.com and the platform setup is managed by wordpress itself.

If you want to have your domain name for the website then you should go with wordpress.org platform. You can get the separate domain on wordpress.com but that’s costly. It’s better that you get your own hosting and install the wordpress platform there.

Features Offered By WordPress

It’s very easy to install wordpress on your hosting account. Most of the hosting providers offer single click installation. Even if they don’t offer single click installation, you can still easily install wordpress on any hosting plan. All you require is PHP & MySQL.

Download the wordpress installation files on the hosting server. Follow the instructions. You will have wordpress ready for the usage. Here is a quick list of features offered by WordPress.

1) Since wordpress is an open source, you can easily edit the coding and create the site the way you want it. There is no restriction on that.

2) You don’t even have to modify the coding for customization. WordPress has the largest library of plugins. There are over 45000 of plugins made for different purposes. You can use those plugins and customize the website functions.

3) WordPress offers mobile applications using which you can manage your wordpress website. You can stay connected with all the activity that happens on your wordpress site.

4) WordPress also has live community. If you are stuck somewhere then you can ask the question in the community and you will get answer from many experienced persons.

5) WordPress is optimized to run on mobile devices. All wordpress themes are responsive in nature. So mobile visitors can also enjoy your wordpress site.

6) WordPress is optimized for SEO purposes. Also there are many different plugins available which you can use to make the on-page SEO powerful.

WordPress offers super cool features. You can create so many wonderful websites using wordpress. It all depends on your creativity.

WordPress Installation at DreamHost

At DreamHost, there are two kinds of hosting which you can use to wordpress installation. One is DreamPress2 and the other is regular shared hosting.

DreamPress2 is specially optimized for wordpress. There are many modifications done in the hosting so that it offers powerful performance for wordpress websites. DreamPress2 is costly but all the installation and maintenance is managed by DreamHost.

In shared hosting, you can use one-click installs facility to install wordpress. There is no limit on how many wordpress installation you can do on shared hosting. This is the cheaper way of using wordpress site. WordPress site hosted at shared hosting offers lesser performance compare to DreamPress2.

Follow these steps to install wordpress on your DreamHost shared hosting account.

1) Login to DreamHost panel using your web ID and password.

2) Click on Goodies section. You will find Goodies section in the left side menu.

3) Now you will see more options.

4) Click on One-Click Installs link. Here you will see all the applications available for the installation.

DreamHost One Click Installs

5) Click on WordPress icon. You will see a new popup.

6) In this popup, select the domain where you want to install the wordpress. Give the directory name if you want to install the wordpress under sub directory.

DreamHost WordPress Installs

7) Keep the default database option selected.

8) Click on “Install it for me now!” button.

That’s it. Now the wordpress will be installed on your domain. You will get an email when the installation is finished. You will have to follow the instructions given in the email to finalize the installation.

Upgrade of WordPress

If you are using DreamPress2 then you don’t have to worry about the upgrades. DreamHost takes care of everything and keeps you up to date with the latest version of wordpress.

If you are on shared hosting platform then also you don’t have to worry about the wordpress upgrade. Now wordpress has setup automatic upgrading to the latest version of the software.

So wordpress automatically upgrade the platform as soon as the new upgrade is available.

That’s it. Now you know how to use wordpress on DreamHost.