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WordPress remains the most popular online software that is widely used across the globe. It’s unique web software that can be used for creating awesome blogs and websites. Millions of users have continued to use it on daily basis. WordPress has hosted millions of blogs and websites across the internet.


The Pros

WordPress is free in one hand and also cheap on the other hand. You can decide to go for the free version with some limitations. You can also decide to go for the paid version that has no limitation. All you need is to host your site with the platform crafted with a definite domain name.

When using the free WordPress platform, your URL will still bear “WordPress” alongside your chose username. Whichever version of WordPress you choose, there’s still enough room to benefit a lot each time you use the platform.

WordPress has come a long way. It’s actually developed by a community of experts who are volunteers. You can always get assistance from the community at any time. You’ve got a lot to learn from the experts when you hook up with any of them.

It’s very easy to edit web content with WordPress. You can create unique posts and have them published at any time. You can upload images and videos on the platform. You can always update your blog or website so long as you built it with WordPress. You’ve got a lot to gain each time you use WordPress.

Getting Started with WordPress

It’s very easy to start using WordPress. You can easily download the free version from WordPress.org. You can also decide to host your blog or website directly on the web-based version of WordPress. The choice is always yours to make.

The Features

  • WordPress is easy to download. It’s also very easy to install.
  • The web software can easily be customized as you desire. You’re free to personalize some of the features to suit your preference.
  • The WordPress community is always up and running. You can join the forum at any time. You can also subscribe to the mailing list at any time.
  • WordPress comes with unique plugins and themes which can be used by any user. You simply need to choose from the ones made available.
  • The web software also comes with 24/7 online support. You can always get in touch with the developers at any time.
  • WordPress is optimized to run on mobile platforms.
  • WordPress is also optimized for SEO. You can gain unique exposure online when using the platform. Your website can easily be indexed and ranked by popular search engines. You can start attracting traffic on regular basis. You can also generate enough leads and profits when your website is properly optimized.

Indeed, WordPress has a lot to offer every single user. You can use the software to create and maintain a vibrant website or blog. The sky is indeed your limit when it comes to using WordPress on the internet.

DreamHost always makes things simpler. That’s why I love DreamHost. Anyway, for installation of WordPress, go One-Click Installs area athttps://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.installer&. DreamHost has introduced two modes for wordpress installation. 1) Easy Mode and 2) Advanced Mode.

WordPress Easy Mode Installation

In easy mode, you just need to give the site name, your email address and the domain name where you want to install the wordpress. Now just click on Install button and you are done. WordPress is installed for you.

DreamHost WordPress

Easy mode is good for newbie. You need to enter less detail to install wordpress. You don’t have to worry about the upgrade or maintenance of the software. You don’t have to worry about the database or security problem. Just install it and enjoy the wordpress. Rest all is taken care by DreamHost.

Now there are some drawbacks also of easy mode installation. You can’t install wordpress in a directory of domain name. It’s not allowed in easy mode. Install it in a root domain or in a sub domain. No other option.

You also can’t get the advance level of access. You can’t install plugins or themes. You can’t customize any page. If you want to customize your blog, install wordpress in Advanced Mode.

WordPress Advanced Mode Installation

Although this is an advanced mode, you don’t have to worry too much. The installation of wordpress in advanced mode is as simple as it is in easy mode.

In advanced mode also, there are two options. Either you can create/select your own database or you can let DreamHost create database for you.

DreamHost WordPress

If you allow DreamHost to create a database for you then installation is very simple. You just need to select your domain name and directory name where you want to install the wordpress.

If you want to create database yourself then you will have to enter database details.

DreamHost WordPress

Upgrade of WordPress

In easy mode installation, you don’t have to worry about the upgrade. The upgrade is done by DreamHost. In advanced mode installation, you will have to do upgradation yourself.

Upgradation of wordpress is just a one click work. Just click on upgrade button and you are done. DreamHost will upgrade the wordpress for you.

You can also set the automatic upgrade. So whenever a new version of wordpress will be available, it will be automatically upgraded. Always upgrade the wordpress and keep the software up-to-date. So that your wordpress stays secure.

I wouldn’t recommend easy mode installation even if you are newbie. The installation and maintenance in advanced mode is also very simple.

When you install the wordpress in easy mode, you can’t change it to advanced mode. There will always be a time when you would like to customize your blog. So use advanced mode installation.