DreamHost WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a widely used Content Management System (CMS). DreamHost only manages 800K wordpress websites. WordPress makes it very easy to create and customized the website.

If you are sure that you will also use the wordpress on your website then DreamHost offers two choices for you.

1) You can make your wordpress website on shared wordpress hosting.
2) You can make your wordpress website on managed wordpress hosting known as DreamPress 2.

Let’s compare the shared and managed wordpress hosting and understand the difference between two.

What You Get?

Shared wordpress hosting is offered as a part of shared hosting plan. If you sign up for shared hosting plan at DreamHost then you will get unlimited domains hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and unlimited FTP, SSH, MySQL accounts.

You also get one click install facility using which you can install wordpress platform on any of your domains. That is called shared wordpress hosting. If you are certain that you will need to host another websites which doesn’t require wordpress then you can select the shared hosting plan.

In managed wordpress hosting, you can only host one website. Managed wordpress hosting is called DreamPress. In DreamPress hosting plan, you get 30GB of SSD storage space. More storage space is optional. If you need more then you can get it. You also get unlimited bandwidth. There is no cap for number of visitors allowed.

WordPress installation and management is done by DreamHost. Auto backup is also performed by DreamHost. If you will only need to host a single website with wordpress, if you don’t want to go in to trouble of managing wordpress and if need high performance then go for DreamPress hosting.

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DreamPress Features


If you want to go by the cost then DreamHost managed wordpress hosting is costlier. DreamHost shared hosting costs $9.95 per month if you pay yearly for unlimited websites while DreamHost managed hosting costs $16.95 per month if you pay yearly for a single wordpress website.

You can clearly see that DreamPress is much more costly. The cost is high because DreamHost manages your complete wordpress setup. It optimized for the wordpress and gives much high performance.

If your website is getting too many visitors and if you want the high performance for them then you should go for managed wordpress hosting otherwise for a small website, shared wordpress hosting is enough.


The whole purpose of making the DreamPress hosting was to offer the optimized hosting for wordpress users. With the intention of improving the wordpress website performance, DreamHost created the managed wordpress hosting plan.

Managed wordpress website offers better performance because it is setup in isolated environment. I assume that the site is set in some kind of VPS environment. That improves the performance.

DreamPress 2 also uses the multiple layers of caching system. It uses varnish for the front end cache, memcached for the memory object caching and OPcache for the PHP scripts caching. PHP version is also highely tuned for the better performance.


If you install a wordpress on shared hosting environment then you might get some restrictions on the installed plugins and themes. DreamPress 2 uses isolated environment. So you can install any plugin or theme on your managed wordpress website. There are no restrictions.

I have provided you enough information here on managed wordpress hosting.