Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions by my visitors. I hope you will find them useful.

1) Why have you made this website?

I am a custom of DreamHost from the past 9 years. I have created this website to promote DreamHost and to offer my help to other DreamHost customers. When it comes to hosting, I can’t recommend DreamHost enough.

2) What do you like most about DreamHost hosting?

There are many things which I like about DreamHost. The most important thing is transparency. DreamHost is very much transparent to the customer. It provides statue of the servers, writes the price of service very clearly and there is not hidden cost.

3) Does DreamHost really offer 100% uptime? Because it offers 100% uptime guarantee.

No, DreamHost doesn’t offer 100% uptime. No shared hosting company can offer that. When they says, 100% uptime that means, there won’t be any outage without previous notification. If unexpected downtime happens then DreamHost will credit the customer with 1 day hosting free for every 1 hour of downtime. Downtime is counted since the time you have opened the support ticket.

4) Does DreamHost offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space?

Yes, DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space with its shared hosting plan. As long as, you follow DreamHost’s TOS, you will get unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

5) How much discount one can get at the time of signup with DreamHost?

Anyone can get maximum of $50 discount. DreamHost is no more offering $97 discount. Whether you sign up with 1 year hosting or 3 years hosting, you will get maximum of $50 discount.

6) Do you have $100 off DreamHost invitation codes?

Well, DreamHost used to offer $100 off invitation codes. It has stopped offering invitations code long back. Now you won’t find any invitation code. Also there is no more discount if you sign up with 2 years hosting.

7) Is there any coupon for renewal?

No, there is no coupon for renewal. No hosting company offers discount at the time of renewal. So there is no discount for renewal at DreamHost also.

8) I am unable to see coupon code option. Where to enter coupon?

DreamHost has removed the coupon code field from the sign up process. So you cannot enter coupon code during sign up. DreamHost has made pages with discount coupon already applied. So you don’t need to enter the coupon code. Just start sign up process from special pages and you will get discount.

9) What is gift certificate? Can I get one?

Gift certificate is a special code which offers discount to anyone at the time of signup or even after the sign up. Any current customer of DreamHost can generate gift certificate. I am not offering gift certificate to any of my visitors. So there is no gift certificate on this website.

10) Can a person use gift certificate at the time of renewal?

Yes, you can apply gift certificate at any time. Whether you are signing up or you are renewing, you can redeem gift certificates to get discount.

11) Does DreamHost offer reseller hosting?

Nope, DreamHost doesn’t offer reseller hosting. According to DreamHost official wiki, you can host your client’s website on your hosting account. I don’t suggest you to do this because if any one of your client will violate DreamHost TOS then DreamHost will suspend your hosting account.

12) Are you a web developer? Will you manage my DreamHost account?

No, I am not a web developer. I have worked as system admin. I don’t offer any services. I just create website for my personal use. I can offer you help through article. I can guide you but you will have to perform the action. I can’t do it for you.

If your question is not answered here then please contact me with your question.