Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

1) What is the purpose of making this web site?

I am a customer and a big fan of DreamHost. If anybody want to purchase the hosting then I suggest DreamHost to them. I have made this website to promote DreamHost and offer help to other DreamHost customers.

2) What is that one thing you like most about DreamHost?

Transparency, Period! I have dealt with many web hosting companies in my life and found that there is no other hosting company which is as much transparent as DreamHost is.

3) How DreamHost offers 100% uptime guarantee?

100% uptime doesn’t mean that you won’t even get a single minute of downtime or it doesn’t mean that your server and network will be up 24×7. 100% uptime simply means that you won’t get any downtime other than the schedule maintenance or previously informed downtime. If you get a downtime other than the informed downtime then DreamHost will credit your next invoice with 1 day hosting free for every 1 hour of downtime.

4) What about DreamHost unlimited policy? Is DreamHost offers really unlimited space and bandwidth?

Yes, DreamHost really offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. As long as you follow DreamHost service TOS, you will get unlimited space and bandwidth.

5) What is the maximum discount one can get at the time of sign up for DreamHost?

One can get $97 of maximum discount on DreamHost standard plans. DreamHost also offer $100 off invitation codes for 2 years plan but those are limited.

6) Do you offer $100 off DreamHost invitation codes?

I used to offer $100 off DreamHost invitation codes. All of the $100 off invitation codes on this site has been used. These codes can’t be used again. If you want to use $100 off invitation code then search on the internet. You might find one.

7) Can I use the coupon for renewal?

Well, DreamHost doesn’t offer any coupon code for the renewal. You won’t get any offer in the renewal of any hosting plan. There is no hosting company which offers a deal on renewal.

8) I can’t find coupon code option. Where to enter the coupon?

DreamHost doesn’t offer coupon option in all countries. If you can’t see coupon code option then delete all the cookies of your browser. If you still can’t see the coupon code option then it’s possible that discount is not available for your country.

9) What is gift certificate? Can I get one?

DreamHost has feature called gift certificate. Current customers of DreamHost can offer a discount using gift certificate to their loved ones. You can’t find gift certificate on this site because I don’t offer gift certificate to my visitors. I have to pay DreamHost to get gift certificate. So I cannot offer it.

10) Can a person get discount at the time of renewal using gift certificate?

Yes, any current DreamHost customer can redeem the gift certificate at any time. So you can get a discount at the time of renewal.

11) Does DreamHost offer reseller hosting?

According to DreamHost official wiki, DreamHost company doesn’t offer reseller hosting. Although you can host as many client’s website as you want on your DreamHost account. You will be responsible if any of your client site violates DreamHost service TOS. It that happens then your account will be banned.

12) Do you offer web design service? Will you maintain my DreamHost account?

I don’t offer any web design service. I just provide the help to all DreamHost clients via how-to articles. You will have to maintain your DreamHost account yourself or find someone else who offer such service but don’t send me inquiry asking for web design service.