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Welcome to dhdjdj.com - A website made by a DreamHost customer, made for a DreamHost customer. In this website, you will find all the information regarding DreamHost web hosting provider. I have been with DreamHost for the last 8 years. That's why you will get all DreamHost related information in the site.

What Is DreamHost?

DreamHost is a web hosting provider. If you want to make a website then you need some space on the internet to put up your web pages. The space is provided by a hosting company. DreamHost is such a hosting company.


If you want to make a web site then you will have to subscribe for a web host. I suggest DreamHost because I have used the service and I am still using the service. The service is very good and there is simply no other hosting provider which can beat the services offered by DreamHost.

DreamHost offers a wide range of hosting. You can get a shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and wordpress optimized hosting. DreamHost now offers a cloud services as well. If you don't know the difference between all these services, don't worry. You don't need to understand it. Just sign up for shared hosting option. You will have an option to change the plan later.

What dhdjdj.com Offers?

When I first sign up to the DreamHost few years back, there was not any easy to use how to guide for managing DreamHost account. Although there was a DreamHost forum and DreamHost support team to help you but that was not enough for a non-technical person. That's why I decided to make a tutorial in a plain easy to understand language. That's how dhdjdj.com was created.

Here you will find different information regarding the DreamHost account management. When you signup with the DreamHost account, you might need to setup a domain name. There is also an article on how to register a domain name and how to setup another domain name. You will also get information regarding managing FTP and SSH users.

You can also learn how to manage the database account. You can also find out how to install and manage a wordpress blog on a hosted website. There are many more different articles on the site. I suggest you to go through the website and find out information yourself. All articles are very well described and shown with screenshots. The content of these articles is updated regularly. So you have an up to date information.

On this website, you will also get my own DreamHost Review. You can also get DreamHost Coupons which gives you discount up to $97 at the time of sign up.

Why the name dhdjdj.com

This website was first hosted under a free dreamhosters.com sub domain and the full URL of this site was AHappyCustomer.DreamHosters.com. The URL was becoming very lengthy. So I decided to move the site to a short domain name. I just picked the random characters which create very short name. That gave me the short URL dhdjdj.com. The domain was available. I quickly registered the domain and moved the website.

Go through my site and check all the articles related to DreamHost.

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