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Hello and welcome to dhdjdj.com, a website dedicated to DreamHost and its services. I have been a DreamHost customer from the last 9 years. I have made this website to provide the information on DreamHost hosting service and related services. On this site, you will find many tutorials which will help you to understand how to manage your DreamHost hosting account.

When I joined DreamHost, there wasn't any website offering help for DreamHost. Of course, there were official support wiki and blog at that time also but that's written in technical language. I have made this site to offer my help to non-technical people. There are many DreamHost customers out there who don't have much technical knowledge but still they keep a website. I hope this site will provide guidance to those kinds of people.

DreamHost - What's That?

DreamHost is a well-known web hosting provider. When you are creating your own website, you will need some space on the internet. The company, which offers this space is called web hosting provider. DreamHost is such a web hosting provider.

If you are looking for hosting company then there is a 90% chance that you have come across the name DreamHost. I suggest DreamHost to everyone who is looking for a cheap hosting solution and reliable service. Since I have used DreamHost for 9 years, I know how the service is and how to manage the DreamHost account.

When I joined DreamHost, it was only offering shared hosting plans. After sometime, DreamHost stopped all other plans and kept only one shared hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space. DreamHost was the first one to offer unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

After sometimes, DreamHost also started offering VPS and dedicated plans. Now DreamHost also offers a wordpress hosting. Wordpress hosting is a specially optimized hosting just for wordpress platform. DreamHost has also started offering cloud computing and cloud storage service.

What You Will Find On dhdjdj.com?

As I said earlier, the site is completely dedicated to DreamHost. You will find the tutorials related to DreamHost account. The site is made for non-technical persons. All articles on this site are written in plain and easy language.

Here you will get information on how to create SSH and FTP account. You will also learn how to use FTP account to transfer files from and to your DreamHost account. There are many other tutorials like how to register domain name, how to set cron job, how to set emails, how to use one click installs, how to set domain names etc… You will also find a complete page dedicated on how to create a website using wordpress.

You will also find instructions how to use DreamHost coupon and get discount. I have also included my review on DreamHost. You can read it here.

Why the Name is dhdjdj.com?

Well, when I started this website, it was hosted on a sub domain of dreamhosters.com . The URL of the site was AHappyCustomer.DreamHosters.com . This name is very lengthy and hard to remember. So after sometime, I decided to move the site to a new domain. I just wanted to keep the name small and easy to remember. I also want to include the word DH in the domain because DH stands for DreamHost.  DJDJ is just a random character set. So the domain name is  dhdjdj.com.

Please feel free to read all the articles on my site. You can also contact me if you have any question.

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